The profile of tax has become much more visible not only from an investor and board perspective but also from a tax authority and public perspective. There are a significant number of taxes that companies are exposed to and the tax values are enormous.

Taking control of risk

For business to succeed in today’s changing world, it needs to take direct control of risk. To achieve this, it needs to embed risk into important decisions and day-to-day operations, channeling it proactively and positively to create real business value.

The implementation of a Tax Risk Management framework should not only promote governance and address as well as reduce tax risks, but may also create value, for example:

  • Providing the organisation the ability to proactively evaluate legislative changes and the potential impact on business.
  • Providing a level of comfort to all stakeholders that risk is maintained at an acceptable level.
  • Ensuring that tax strategies, policies and processes are standardised and integrated within the wider organisation. 

How KPMG can help

Our tax risk management team can help you address issues in your business before they arise, and set in place operational safeguards against potential risk.

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