CEOs now need a more nimble, effective, technology and data-driven Finance Function to address this disruption in order to be able to convert these challenges into opportunities. 

This is driving the Finance Function to support CEOs in taking on a considerably broader and deeper set of strategic responsibilities than ever before.

What is Digital Finance?

What is Digital Finance?

The view from the top

76% of CEOs believe that moving too slow can lead to obsolescence 68% 74% > > > of CEOs are increasing digitisation of operations and creation of next-gen operating model

HfS Research in conjunction with KPMG International: State of intelligent automation, 2019. 2020 U.S. CEO Outlook report.

The solution

With understanding from above, we peel back the layers and dive deeper into what disruptors are impacting the Finance Function internally through People, Process, Technology, Governance & Control, Data & Reporting and Service Delivery. Our solution follows the following three stages:

Finance Function Diagnostic

Taking a deep dive into how the finance function operates and supports the business and strategy

Digital Finance Maturity Assessment

Leveraging from KPMG’s Future of Finance leading practices to develop a roadmap delivery

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

Aligning your needs and value creation solutions

How we develop Digital Finance Solutions

In developing Digital Finance solutions, we consider the wider gamut of Business Operations and Strategies into the future. This ensures the Finance Function matures in line with business requirements and technology infrastructure

KPMG’s Future of Finance, depicted by the six pillars below, will provide KPMG’s global point of view on the future of finance in each Finance area to draw out further considerations and develop Sustainable Solutions

Future of Finance / Digital Finance Maturity Assessment illustration

Strategy and value management

Preserve and create value through agile, effective allocation of capital and resources to enable strategic priorities.

Extreme automation

Integrate new technologies

Data & analytics

Leverage data to unlock new value and viewpoints

Organisational agility

Quickly adapt to market shifts

Modern Workforce

Embrace new ways of working and talent management

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