Our reward team helps both indigenous Irish and multi nationals companies to design and implement total reward packages for their employees.

Where possible the reward package can be structured tax efficiently especially when considering share based remuneration and pensions together with certain international aspects where the employee moves cross border. Our team also works closely with our global reward and GMS networks.

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 We have significant experience in all areas of reward including:
  • Reward packages – our primary focus is to assist employers to determine the correct mix of employee and senior executive reward packages having considered the tax treatment and cost of each element of the overall package for the company and the employee.
  • Share Based Remuneration – we provide a range of tax and legal advisory services to assist companies to choose the right share incentive scheme for all the stakeholders such as the company, company shareholders and employees. We can assist from the design of the scheme, through legal drafting, seeking Revenue approval to the implementation of the chosen scheme(s) together with employee communications and annual reporting compliance.
  • Pensions – pension provision is one of the most important and significant costs of a total reward package for the employee and employer alike. Our primary focus is to assist in understanding the complex legislation, the tax benefits and where relevant the cross border implications of pension provision.  

The KPMG Corporate Finance function can assist with share valuations when implementing equity based remuneration for your employees and senior management team.

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