What is Reward?

Reward includes all cash, non-cash benefits, wellbeing and employee assistance programs, pension benefits and equity-based payments that an employer provides to their employees in recognition of their service.

Why should you focus on Reward?

Successful reward strategies have the power to align the goals of the business and the goal of its employees to cultivate a motivated, committed, and high-performing workforce to drive business growth.  

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How we can help your business

Our multi-disciplinary Reward Team provides an end-to-end service to Irish businesses and multinational companies for market leading reward packages to attract and retain the brightest and best from senior executives to early career-stage recruits in all sectors and industries. 

We combine our expertise in tax, accounting, law, People & Change consulting, share valuations and our global KPMG reward and GMS networks to co-create, design, and implement a total reward package tailored to the needs of the employer and their employees. 

The key areas of reward we advise businesses on include:


Reward packages

We work with employers to identify optimal employee and senior executive reward packages including long-term incentive plans having considered the tax treatment and cost of each element of the overall package, while ensuring performance metrics are aligned with the company’s goals.


Cash and Equity based reward packages

We provide a range of tax, legal and accounting advisory services to assist companies to choose the right share incentive scheme for all stakeholders including the company’s shareholders and employees. We provide expert advice on the design of the share scheme, through to legal drafting, and seeking Revenue approval for the implementation of the scheme together with employee communications and annual reporting compliance.


Non-cash incentives

We assist companies choose the right mix of non-cash incentives to attract and retain key talent. We provide tax advice on benefits such as wellbeing and employee assistance programs, company car schemes and the small benefit exemption, and we advise and structure work from anywhere policies and assist employers manage cross border expansion.



Pension provision is one of the most significant costs of a total reward package for the employee and employer alike. Our focus is to assist employers comply with complex pension legislation to ensure tax benefits are optimised. We are also tax experts in cross-border pension provision issues.


Termination of office or employment

We assist employers with tax and legal issues arising from the termination of an office or employment. Our experts advise on tax efficient retirement compensation and manage the taxation of pay arising from large scale redundancies or terminations.

Meet our Reward team

Our Reward Team is comprised of tax specialists, lawyers, accounting, and valuation professionals who can advise on all aspects of reward design and implementation. 

Our Employment Tax team provides expert tax advice and implementation strategies across all areas of an organisation’s total reward package from senior executives to early career-stage recruits, and cross-border workers. Our Employment Tax team are experts in the design and implementation of Revenue Approved tax efficient share schemes.

Our experienced corporate tax professionals work with a wide variety of businesses, from startups to established global players, supporting companies across all sectors. Our experts advise on the corporate tax implications of reward offerings to ensure tax compliance while minimising risk. 

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KPMG Law LLP can assist with the drafting of company share schemes, resolve legal issues arising from the termination of an office and employment, and can provide expert advice on immigration matters.

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Our Accounting Advisory team provides specialist advice on the accounting treatments of employee benefits and share schemes. Often the accounting treatment can be overlooked during the design and implementation of such schemes leading to complex accounting issues for the company. Our Reward team with the assistance of our accounting advisory team guide employers through these pitfalls. 

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Valuation of shares is a vital element of equity based incentive schemes for private companies. Our Valuations team offers technically sound, commercially focused, independent valuations for specific organisation’s needs. We spend time working to understand companies’ business dynamics, as well as industry and value drivers.  

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Our People & Change team supports organisations as they navigate challenges in four key service: of change management organisational design, talent management and leadership, culture & inclusion. Leveraging our global network of over 1,300 people and change practitioners in 45 countries we help employers unlock the potential of their people to drive high levels of performance and engagement.

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We work closely with KPMG firms in over 143 countries and territories as well as KPMG's Global HR Centres of Excellence to provide support to our clients who have multi-national operations or who might be planning for cross border expansion. 

Get in touch

For assistance with planning your Reward strategy, please contact Olive O'Donoghue or Thalia O'Toole of our Reward team - we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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