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Our world is changing. Successful organisations are those who consistently demonstrate the innovation, agility and speed which our new reality demands. Businesses across all sectors now need to transform at pace, building a future with digital at its heart.

Platform X has been designed to help you do this. One of 32 interconnected global Innovation Hubs around the globe, Platform X brings together global insights, people and technology to spark innovation and deliver the lasting change needed to thrive in today’s world.

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Digital transformation can’t be achieved with technology alone. It takes human insight and experience, too.

At Platform X we bring together the best of our local and global people, insights and technology capabilities to work with you on your specific issues and challenges.

Facilitated by a dynamic, creative environment, powered by the latest collaboration and communications technologies and enabled by our best people, using innovative methods we help to frame and solve problems fast achieving your goal in just weeks or even days.

Whether participating in person, virtually, or a hybrid model of both, we create an environment that works for your team and promotes powerful co-creation.

Platform X Services

From horizon-scanning to solution-building, the Platform X way of working brings you and your teams together with the best of KPMG people, insights and solutions. We offer five key Platform X experiences. These span the thinking, conversations and tangible work that go into delivering real, sustainable change.

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To explore the art of the possible.

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To define what transformation means for your people, process & technology.

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To uncover new ideas and align on approaches and solutions to take forward.

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Outcome focused collaboration, working and thinking differently to spark real change.

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Focused on making new solutions, processes or ideas a successful part of your business.