Talent management is the process of developing and engaging people. It can involve streamlining development initiatives, using data to understand what talent exists within the organisation, what talent populations are needed and crucially having the ability to identify and select the most effective methods for developing and retaining that talent. 

Why must organisations take action?

An organisation that understands the evolving context and business case for effective Talent Management can build a high-performance culture and add value to their employer brand. From changing workforce demographics to talent shortages, effective Talent Management is becoming a requirement to sustain a competitive advantage. 

What do we deliver for our clients?

KPMG’s approach to talent management considers the context in which our clients are working, helps define their talent strategy in alignment with the business strategy by working through key considerations, and assists in determining what to focus on in order to drive real business impact. KPMG’s people & change team help strengthen the organisation’s most valuable asset, its people. 

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