Coherence across an organisation’s culture and leadership strategy is essential to achieving business objectives, both during periods of change and during business as usual. Good leadership and an inclusive organisational culture, drive results and workforce performance and delivers long term sustainable growth for the organisation.  


Organisational culture is critical to achieving business objectives and goals, whether it is executing a strategy or undertaking change and transformation. Although culture has risen to the top of the C-suite agenda, it is something many organisations struggle to understand and manage. At KPMG we demystify culture, by measuring it, by uncovering the assumptions that drive employee behaviours and by designing accessible approaches to shaping the desired organisational culture. 


Strong leadership is critical to developing the capability to grow and transform the business.  Leadership support and development will drive not just improved results, but better workforce performance and engagement, leading to long-term sustainable growth. KPMG believes investment in leadership should be led with a human-centric approach developing leaders with emotional intelligence and a growth mindset who can lead with purpose and shared values.

Culture & Leadership in the New Normal

Culture & Leadership are inextricably linked!  Explore the linkages and what it takes to succeed in a 'New Normal'.  For compelling and exclusive insights from some of Ireland's most successful political, business and sports people, watch the video below.


We work with organisations to look beyond diversity and develop practical steps that will enable them to evolve their organisation into an inclusive and equitable workplace where all employees see a true sense of belonging. KPMG have designed a unique Diversity and Inclusion methodology called KPMG Inclusion IQ. This methodology is designed to serve as a framework to assess organisations holistically, from both an internal and external perspective.

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KPMG’s People & Change team can help you unlock the potential of your people to drive high levels of performance and engagement. Leveraging on relationships from across our global network of over 1,300 People and Change practitioners in 45 countries as well as KPMG’s Global HR Centres of Excellence, we are there for you throughout the entire journey helping you deliver on your individual people agendas.

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