About the ACI

Recognising the increasing importance of governance issues, the Audit Committee Institute Ireland (ACI) has been established to serve both audit committee members and all non executive directors to help them to adapt to their changing roles.

Historically, those charged with governance responsibilities have largely been left on their own to keep pace with rapidly changing information relating to governance, remuneration, audit issues, accounting and financial reporting. Supported by KPMG, the ACI provides knowledge to non-executive directors and a resource to which they can turn at any time for information, or to share knowledge.

Our primary objective is to communicate with all senior business people to enhance their awareness and ability to implement effective board processes.

The ACI aims to serve as a useful, informative resource for members in such key areas as:

  • Governance, technical and regulatory issues
  • Sounding board for enhancing all board committees’ processes and policies
  • Surveys of trends and concerns

Audit Committee Handbook

Leading insights and practices for over a decade

The handbook articulates the principles underlying the audit committee’s role and provides a vast amount of non-prescriptive guidance to help audit committees and boards gain a better understanding of the processes and practices that help build and sustain effective audit committees. The handbook is supplemented with a complete set of ready-to-use appendices that are intended to provide practical support to audit committees.

In the chair series

Our In the chair series offers thoughts and practical insights from Audit Committee Chairs - Focusing on the critical issues facing every board, audit committee, nomination & governance committee and private company boards.

On the agenda series

Audit Committee Magazine

Our Audit Committee Magazine is designed to help keep audit committee members and non-executive directors abreast of developments in areas of corporate governance and related matters.

Read and watch

Thoughts and insights from our local and international Audit Committee Institute colleagues

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