With increasing complexity in business environments and transactions, specialist technical accounting advice is now more important than ever. It helps your business to evolve and adapt to new demands and it ensures complex accounting considerations are addressed appropriately.

Our Accounting Advisory services

Our team have significant experience in advising clients on challenging and complex accounting issues arising from business transactions (including restructurings, reorganisations and IPO’s), business decisions, and regulatory changes and from new or revised accounting standards. We provide a variety of services across a range of industries supporting clients with:

Significant accounting issues can arise when companies conduct mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financial asset transfers, investments, financings, leasing (including aircraft leasing), and other transactions. Making sure that your accounting treatment is correct and your financial statements are compliant is an on-going process as your business undergoes change and the industry evolves. Managing these changes on your own can be overwhelming, however, our team of technical accounting experts are on hand to help you navigate and address the accounting implications.

IFRS 17 has fundamentally changed the accounting for insurance and reinsurance contracts. 

Our IFRS 17 specialists are ready to help insurers and reinsurers navigate and operationalise the complexities of IFRS 17. 

Beyond technical interpretation, we offer practical insights and experience which can be tailored to your specific business context, ensuring appropriate application of IFRS 17.

We can assist with all aspects of restructuring implementation. We can devise an efficient group structure, which rationalises your legal entities by eliminating the redundant ones – saving costs, increasing efficiency and reducing risk for directors. We can review documentation, provide technical accounting guidance, present the plan to internal stakeholders, and liaise with external specialists such as tax and legal advisors.

Our IPO advisory support team offers support for every stage of an IPO —from discovery to reporting.

We have the skills, experience and technology required to help smoothly pilot your company through a capital markets transaction such as an IPO, debt or equity offering, divestiture, acquisition, or SPAC (special purpose acquisition company).

Our cross-functional teams are comprised of professionals skilled in leading readiness assessments, liaising with attorneys and investment bankers, training personnel on new reporting environments, and guiding the creation of historical, pro forma, and selected financial data in compliance with applicable filing requirements.

Your company may require restatement services due to changes in financial reporting, misapplication of accounting standards, irregularities arising from an audit committee investigation, or to address the impact of corporate realignments on segmental reporting. 

Our financial reporting and restatement team can help you identify, assess and document issues; and address any vulnerabilities in your accounting and financial reporting processes.

We can also assist with the conversion from one accounting framework to another, including conversions from local GAAP (FRS 101/FRS102) to IFRS and US GAAP, and with the implementation of new or revised accounting standards.

Our team of treasury specialists will support you with all aspects of treasury management, from the front and back office to your systems and technology.

We provide integrated solutions to help you navigate risks and make decisions that help you deliver against your overall strategy and ambitions.

Our global network of treasury consultants will support you through the complete transaction lifecycle. From pre-deal due diligence to post-deal operational support, we advise on the following areas:

  •  Foreign-exchange and interest-rate risk management
  • Commodity risk management
  • Cash and liquidity management
  • Banking and payments
  • Treasury management systems implementation
  • Commodity and trading risk management systems implementation
  • Treasury accounting

Anticipating a merger, acquisition, separation or IPO transaction?

Sell-side support

We can assist with the preparation of carve-out financial statements, group re-organisations and help address other accounting and financial reporting issues for every stage of the divestiture, spin-off, sale, debt offering or IPO process.

Buy-side support

We can provide clarity by reviewing your draft agreements, and advising on the classification of the target entity, the consideration paid and the deal finance.

We assist clients with purchase accounting, including business combination and consolidation accounting, pro forma financial statements and integration of finance functions.

Post-deal assistance

Following completion, we can help with your acquisition accounting, including valuation support during the purchase-price allocation exercise. If there are GAAP differences between your existing business and the acquired entity, we can help with adjustments, ensuring that the opening balance sheet is in line with your policies. 

Accounting for legal mergers, whether via acquisition, absorption or through the formation of a NewCo, can be a complex process involving various considerations from both an accounting framework and company law perspective. 

We pride ourselves on communicating complex matters in a simple, clear and coherent manner.

We can assist you in outlining your available options in accounting for the legal merger (fair value or book value), whether comparative balances need to be restated, the impact of the transaction on your distributable reserves and how best to communicate the transaction to your stakeholders in your financial statements.

Our team of expert trainers can complement your internal development programmes, providing the right information to the right people at the right time. Our training is designed to suit your unique circumstances and business needs.

Our team of accounting specialists can assist you with all aspects of your statutory financial statement reporting requirements, including statutory financial statement preparation, disclosure checklist review, consolidation, cashflow modelling and annual report support.

We can help you keep up to speed with accounting developments and the impact new accounting standards may have on your business.  

Our team are ready to help you navigate and operationalise the complexities of new and upcoming accounting standards such as:

  • IFRS 18 (effective 01 January 2027)
  • Amendments to FRS 102  (effective 01 January 2026)

Beyond technical interpretation, we offer practical insights and experience which can be tailored to your specific business context, ensuring appropriate application of accounting standards.

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Our Accounting Advisory team are committed to supporting you to reach the right accounting solution for your reporting aims, business context and regulatory demands.

If you are facing challenges or require support, please contact our team below and we will work with you to deliver a comprehensive solution. 

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