Without customers, there is no business – everything starts with customers.  We focus on customers’ touchpoints and understand their unmet needs and wants through our 360 Degree View of Customer Analysis and sophisticated data strategies. 

This customer-centric approaches help you find new customer segments, improve customer loyalty and retention, and innovate your proposition.

However, a key challenge is collection and marrying of suitable customer data with design-thinking strategies – aligning data insights with actions for growth. 

We help you unlock growth through our consumer-centric branding & marketing strategies. 

Unification of customer data

The backbone of our branding & marketing strategy

Successful branding and marketing strategies come from a strong understanding of customers and their data.

Our unique approach to mix first-party data (data which you have gathered or we gather on your behalf) and third-party data (e.g. social media platforms) increases the success of campaigns.  

360 degree view of customers

Bespoke strategies to match your brand ambition

We can objectively map your position on the brand lifecycle framework today – including relative to your competition. Together we help you build out the action plan needed to move the brand in line with your ambition. 

Brand stature graph

Customer-centric and integrated support

How we can help

As consumer preferences change, buying behaviours shift, and customer expectations rise, capturing customers' attention is challenging. With the changing relationship between brands and their customers, there needs to be more than just a standard branding and marketing approach to stay ahead of the competition.

Our in-house approach includes data analysis and in-depth experience; we make sure to test your customer experience and help you win your customers’ hearts and minds.

What we do

From current perceptions and how brand and marketing campaigns are experienced across stakeholder groups, to the brand’s history, story, personality, values and position in market; we consider all these aspects. We help you ascertain how well your brand is working for you through bespoke surveys, analysis of customer data, and discreet competitor research. Using our behavioural-science led research, we quantify your brand’s strength today.  

Branding is creating a distinct identity for a business in the mind of your target audience and consumers. We provide a comprehensive and actionable branding service comprising brand creation or redesign, brand engagement and performance. At its core, your messaging should be an expression of your brand strategy and purpose. It should connect with your customers and audiences in a consistent and memorable way. Dedicated to supporting the growth of your business, we help you elevate your brand and stories through targeted messaging. We also work with advertising agencies to bring this messaging to life for all relevant formats and media channels.

Brand architectures come in various shapes and sizes. Whether you manage brand networks to corporate brands, product or master brands, or create new ones as part of a merger and acquisition, ensuring you minimise the complexity of them for customers is key. We help you assess the performance and potential value lifespan of your brand or sub-brands. This helps us provide clear recommendations and strategies that can simplify, rationalise or streamline portfolios of multiple or legacy brands.

From differentiated marketing strategies to marketing operations and digital marketing, our fully integrated communications capabilities guide you to accelerate revenue growth with measurable ROI. To achieve digital excellence, we apply our own AI solutions and data analytics to branding and marketing and provide personalised marketing experience across all channels. We design creative strategies and tactics to infuse the heart and soul of your brand and be loved by your customers.

Case studies

sports equipment on grass

We led a strategic review for an Irish sporting organisation that had a tired brand in an aging industry. As part of the review, we benchmarked their brand and marketing performance with international peers and other sports in Ireland, demonstrating the case for investment in their digital marketing platforms, shorter, more engaging content, and a refresh of key brand themes.

burger and chips

We helped the expansion of a major US quick service restaurant (QSR) brand into Ireland and Europe through build out of a statistically robust customer survey. Covering a sample size of thousands within a fortnight, and segmentable by location, age, income and existing QSR preferences, we brought insights on how brand position could be modified by market, and which themes to emphasise in local marketing campaigns.

electricity pylon at night

We worked with an Irish energy retailer to assess their current loyalty programme in comparison to national and international peers in the industry. We helped the organisation optimise the existing model by leading a comprehensive assessment. We brought insights on possible customer centric enhancements and revenue opportunities, including a revised rewards structure with adoption of fintech - supported by our in-house fintech experts.

pouring a glass of whiskey

We led a strategic review for a UK based private equity firm investing in an Irish whiskey business that wanted to understand the market, competitive landscape and the attractiveness of the client’s proposition to the client base. We leveraged our data analytics tools to understand current brand positioning, social brand strength and also conducted a series of industry interviews to test key market assumptions, that helped with the due diligence process.

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