Our Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) tax practice places a strong emphasis on stakeholder value and identifying key risks and benefits arising from transactions early on. Our M&A tax service offerings are designed to help identify tax efficiencies that can enhance the bottom line of a merger, acquisition, disposition, joint venture, IPO, restructuring or refinancing.

Our M&A tax services

Risk-focused tax due diligence

KPMG’s tax due diligence services focus on providing the tax advice necessary to help ensure transaction success, such as a company’s material exposure, and making recommendations on exactly what measures can be taken. We conduct acquisition and vendor due diligence reviews based on an in-depth knowledge of the objectives and business risks of the companies we act for. Combined with our experience of Irish and overseas tax laws, our reviews are performed on a systematic and consistent basis, assessing and quantifying risks and identifying opportunities for post-acquisition savings.

Contract assistance

Our M&A tax team is well placed to review and negotiate the tax aspects of deal agreements, not only because we are able to draw on our due diligence work and the work we have done on structuring the particular transaction (or experience of similar transactions), but also because we have significant experience working with agreements in practice and dealing with the issues that arise.

Tax structuring

Tax laws in each country vary and are complex. It is important to be aware of these tax laws in order to ensure compliance with them. Our international tax teams can advise you on the tax issues that can arise on transactions.

Post-acquisition integration

We have significant experience in advising companies on how to combine businesses after an acquisition. We can assist you with maximising leverage, reducing withholding taxes, utilisation of tax attributes and Revenue negotiations.

Further information

For further information about our services, or if you would like to meet with our M&A tax professionals, please contact Olivia Lynch. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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