The relentless expansion of data volume, sources and types, is both an opportunity and a threat for business. Extracting insight from data is key to improving performance, addressing current and future business issues and ensuring the best deal outcomes.

KPMG Deal Advisory support our clients across a wide spectrum of business issues, be it as part of a deal, addressing issues or concerns in the business, or enabling timely response to regulators and third parties, while minimising risk. Key to this is using the right technology to provide unparalleled insight and better inform decision making.

How we can help

We use a broad suite of proprietary and third tools to ensure the right technology solution is available to our clients, coupled with expert knowledge and experience in its deployment. Examples of areas where Deal Advisory Technology can ensure better outcomes include:

KPMG’s Working Capital Optimisation Tool

KPMG’s bespoke technology can process large volumes of data from multiple systems across businesses, regardless of their size or the industry they operate in. The technology allows our team of specialists to quickly identify cash management inefficiencies across Receivables, Payables and Inventory, understand underlying issues and develop an immediate improvement plan, drawing on industry benchmarks.

KPMGs Working Capital Optimisation Tool provides better insights to make informed decisions and generate immediate cash savings. To ensure sustainable transformations in a business, our technology provides a real time solution, embedding monitoring and analysis tools, which allows businesses monitor their performance against best in class, positioning them for long term success and growth.  

KPMG DaRT platform

Where the quality and integrity of the data has a material impact on the value of a deal we have developed a technology platform which allows the identification, remediation and enrichment of large data sets in a structured and cost effective manner.

KPMG DaRT (Data Remediation Tool) is a flexible, web-based workflow platform that allows the seamless integration of multiple data sources to build a single point of truth. The process of data cleansing, validation and integration can be managed within the DaRT platform, ensuring a technology driven approach to quality assurance workflow, management and real time reporting.

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KPMG Benchmarking Plus

Establishing industry benchmarks is essential to any acquisition or transaction. But all too often, company benchmarking doesn't provide the details and context required to pinpoint vulnerabilities or opportunities, allowing stakeholders to make a truly informed decision. More data to compare means better business benchmarking. That's why Benchmarking Plus goes beyond the usual publicly sourced data to set standards that really matter. The platform leverages KPMG's robust, proprietary database which gleans information from our engagements with private companies and large volumes of third party data.

Benchmarking Plus gives you access to a rich, accurate data set from your distinct peer group and enables us to compare and analyse your most important KPls against the most relevant benchmarks, virtually on demand. We're often able to deliver the data and insights you need in a matter of hours - a huge advantage in any transaction.

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KPMG Forensic Technology

KPMG Forensic Technology services support our clients responding to litigation, investigations and regulatory response, locating the right information in a structured and defensible manner. The service facilitates the data management process seamlessly, so our clients and their legal team can focus on the issues at hand. KPMG Forensic Technology allow our clients to address their business issues with market leading technology in a secure data analytics environment, coupled with subject matter expertise and experience. KPMG provide a number of leading edge technology solutions including:

  • RelativityOne - RelativityOne Certified Partner
  • Forensics Lab - Enabling detailed forensic analysis            
  • Nuix - KPMG Global Alliance Partner
  • Cellebrite - Mobile Forensic Technology

Managed Solutions

Managed Solutions provides a range of managed solutions, working with clients to deliver programmes that require a project-based response. KMS combine the right mix of people, process and technology required to deliver successful business outcomes at short notice and within tight timeframes. Managed Solutions mobilise and embed a project team rapidly and provides end to end solutions for programmes of work. On or off site depending on client requirements, Managed Solutions brings together industry and sector specific - subject matter expertise, operational excellence plus the necessary tools and technology to ensure a successful outcome for clients who need support.

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KPMG Strategic Profitability Insights (SPI)

Whether assessing a potential transaction or seeking to maximise business performance in a highly competitive environment, our clients face challenging questions requiring informed answers. KPMG Strategic Profitability Insights (SPI) platform extracts key financial information that is not accessible through standard reporting. By collecting, processing and analysing raw transaction level data, our profitability tool helps to uncover insights faster and more accurately, allowing clients to create economic value and use data analytics to assess future risks and opportunities.

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