As organisations face increasingly complex, interconnected and unprecedented risks, the role of internal audit in protecting the assets, reputation and sustainability of organisation has become ever more critical.

However, against this backdrop there is pressure on Internal Audit functions to achieve more, be more agile, be more collaborative, be more proactive (than reactive), and do so in a more efficient manner.

What's in it for you?

Demands on internal audit and risk functions have never been greater. Corporate governance, risk management and internal controls are all under increased scrutiny by regulators and stakeholders.

To keep your organisation on track, and support the realisation of business objectives in a controlled matter, KPMG's internal audit professionals can:

  • Design and improve governance structures to help ensure that risks are being managed effectively;
  • Ensure governance and risk structures are embedded throughout the organisation;
  • Help to ensure that controls are designed and operating effectively to manage risk;
  • Evaluate the risk culture of firm-wide or within business units; and,
  • Enhance your ability to meet regulatory requirements and to mitigate risk of failure.

How we can help

Our team of experienced internal auditors works with organisations to build, supplement and enhance their Internal Audit function. The range of supports and solutions we provide include:

  • Outsourced internal audit function.
  • Co-source support (supplementing your Internal Audit team by performing audits, or providing specialist input on audits).
  • Advising on the development of a SOX or ICOFR framework, or supporting the execution of SOX / ICOFR testing.
  • Supporting the development of ‘integrated assurance’ frameworks, maximising the benefits of the 2nd and 3rd lines of defence.
  • External evaluations of internal audit functions, operating model redesign and quality assurance frameworks.
  • Deployment of continuous auditing and monitoring programmes, and data analytics techniques.
  • Advising on approaches to auditing emerging risk areas including cyber security, sustainability, 3rd party risk management, capital adequacy, changing regulations, and pandemics (and other business disruptions).     
  • KPMG’s highly experienced and multidisciplinary internal audit team leverages expertise across the firm to provide clients with subject matter experts who can assess and analyse complex risks and provide meaningful industry focused insights.


The quality of our work reflects the technical capabilities and the commercial insights of our people, our cross-disciplinary approach to client engagements, our access to KPMG’s global resources and our extensive experience gained from advising clients across the financial services, corporate and state sectors.

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