OD is a wide-ranging process, starting with the development of a clear strategy, role and purpose with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation. It is applicable to both entire organisation as well as to the design of particular functions like IT, Finance, HR, among others.

In today’s world of rapid change and disruption, your organisation must have intentional, forward-looking design and workforce management strategies that create agile, effective organisations. KPMG’s people and change team can help you define your organisational structures and people processes to reflect the new dynamics of future work.

What do we deliver for our clients?

  • A proven approach to facilitate workable design for the organisation
  • Detailed analysis of spans of control and layers to ensure optimal sizing
  • Detailed design of organisational structure, processes, governance and capabilities that enables you to achieve your strategy as well as to sustain increased levels of performance.
  • Stakeholder engagement to ensure adoption of new accountabilities, responsibilities and ways of working.

We assist our clients with the creation of an organisation where the strategy, operating model, structure, processes, infrastructure, values and behaviours are aligned to realise the shared organisational goal.

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