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As the analytics capabilities of tax authorities, including the Irish Revenue Commissioners, become more and more sophisticated, and new reporting requirements are introduced, businesses will need to deploy significant resources in response to tax authority and legislative changes unless they change their operating model for tax.

By harnessing technology and deploying efficient processes, both tax risks and compliance costs can be managed effectively - allowing tax and finance teams to focus on value added activities and to stay closer to their business.

How we can help

Preparing for Revenue Audits

We support clients in preparation for Revenue audits using the latest Data Analytics tools and techniques. This includes obtaining source data from client systems and conducting analytics to highlight tax risk areas. Most audits by Revenue authorities now commence with an electronic audit (E-audit) component, while D&A activity is critical to the identification of tax savings and process optimisation.

Identifying tax management efficiencies

Our team typically works with stakeholders from across the business (e.g. IT, Accounts Payable, Finance etc) to identify areas throughout the organisation that can improve the quality of the data and information to support effective tax reporting and decision making.

Advising on tax compliant IT systems

We advise in relation to IT system requirements and set up to support tax compliance and reporting requirements. This includes support in relation to the configuration of master data or tax logic in existing systems that are relied upon for tax purposes and supporting the implementation of tax engines or reporting tools.

Improving business processes

We help clients to enhance the control environment around tax by utilising technology and implementing business process improvements. This includes the development of preventative and detective controls to address growing governance and compliance challenges. Given the breadth of complex tax requirements in the current environment, a robust control around tax is critical.

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Our Tax Transformation & Technology team

As the first professional services firm in Ireland to establish a dedicated Tax Transformation & Technology team, KPMG has a track record of deploying solutions that help tax leaders and their departments respond quickly to regulatory change, reduce costs, facilitate streamlined processes, transform data into broader commercial insight and enable effective collaboration across the tax department and beyond. 

Our team leaders are on leadership teams of multiple KPMG Global Tax Transformation & Technology groups ensuring best in class global delivery approaches to local projects. We harness the very best experience from across the KPMG network to provide the best solutions and advice to our clients. 

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Whether you're a multinational corporation, a small business, or an individual seeking expert tax advice, our dedicated team of professionals is ready to assist you. With our cutting-edge technology solutions and deep industry knowledge, we'll ensure you stay ahead of the curve and optimise your tax strategy.

If you would like to enhance your tax function, please get in touch with our Tax Transformation & Technology team below. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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