Our Global Mobility Services “GMS” function provides comprehensive support to organisations with a globally mobile workforce, helping them to navigate the complexities and identify any associated opportunities. 

Our services

Together with our global network within GMS we provide our clients with a range of services in over 150 countries, including:
  • Tax Compliance – our primary focus is ensuring that both employers and employees remain compliant with tax and social security regulations in all the jurisdictions in which they operate.  Whilst country specific, this typically includes monthly payroll compliance and support with the preparation and filing of income tax returns
  • Tax Advisory – we provide a range of advisory services throughout the assignment lifecycle, whether it be domestic advice for employees coming to Ireland, or coordinating international advice for those moving overseas. 
  • Short Term Business Visitors “STBVs” – globally, there is an increased focus in respect of business traveller compliance, and using both KPMG’s business traveller technology solution and our global network, we help our clients to identify the income tax, social security, immigration and Permanent Establishment “PE” risks associated with business travellers, and in real-time.   
  • Policy and Process – whilst moving employees across borders can be complex, having a robust framework in place from the outset provides a great foundation.  We help our clients develop their processes and policies to ensure that they move employees in an efficient, consistent and compliant manner.    
  • Senior Executives – our Private Client team can provide additional support to high net worth individuals, such as tax planning for non-domiciled individuals, guidance in respect of remittances and international pension planning.  
  • Immigration – our Immigration specialists ensure that employees and their families have the necessary permission to live and work in Ireland.  For further information, please visit our immigration website.            
  • Global Rewards Services - Globalisation, increasing governmental regulations, rapid technological advances and growing competition are transforming business around the world. The combination of these factors makes designing and administering effective and cost-efficient compensation and benefit plans increasingly complex—yet critically vital to a company’s ability to successfully compete and thrive in the global marketplace.


Our technology tools

KPMG LINK (Assignee Tax Compliance)

KPMG LINK provides assignees with the information required to prepare their tax returns in their relevant locations. HR managers can use this tool to generate status reports regarding the tax return completion process for their assignee populations.

Cost Projector

Cost Projector generates tax and social security calculations in home and host locations. The software can be a useful tool for a company when budgeting for the estimated costs of an international assignment.

Business Traveller

Business Traveller helps companies proactively manage compliance issues associated with domestic and international cross-border travel. The tool can help proactively mitigate your compliance risk associated with international staff travel. The system provides real-time travel risk assessments for immigration, social security and tax based on details of employee trips.

Enterprise Assignment Manager

Enterprise Assignment Manager (LINK Enterprise) helps simplify mobility programme management by automating and organising many time-consuming processes. It is designed to help the process of managing the entire assignment lifecycle from the pre-assignment phase to the post-assignment period. The software encompasses the tools mentioned above and many additional modules.

Global Equity Tracker

Global Equity Tracker (GET) is a web-based tool for tracking, reporting and managing the tax and social security compliance obligations associated with the delivery of incentive compensation to mobile employees. Its comprehensive functionality (more than 130 countries) provides true end–to-end data management, and it is completely scalable regardless of the client’s size or the number of participants.

Further information

To find out more about these applications and view online demonstrations of our tools, please register at the KPMG International Virtual IHR web portal.

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