High quality payroll services delivered by qualified tax experts

Payroll compliance is complex, time consuming and costly when you get it wrong.

Having a robust payroll process is essential. Our payroll team is unique. We are part of the tax practice and have tax professionals who are skilled in identifying risks and providing appropriate solutions. This ensures the highest quality payroll service and compliance with tax rules.

Why outsource your Irish payroll function to KPMG?

  • Increased efficiency by having your valued employees focus on other core areas of the business, while we handle your payroll 
  • Enhanced confidentiality around sensitive employee and executive compensation
  • Employees have increased confidence in the accuracy of the payroll
  • Ensure deadlines are met, avoiding late penalties 
  • Ensure compliance with current tax legislation, by having qualified tax professionals with a wealth of experience in employment tax, take care of your payroll 
  • Access to expert Irish employment tax and legal knowledge (including a global tax and legal network) 

Why KPMG for payroll in Ireland?

  • We are fully integrated with the Irish tax practice. Our payroll service is managed by tax professionals to ensure tax issues are identified and dealt with appropriately
  • We go beyond the immediate compliance tasks by providing oversight and insight
  • Trained qualified and experienced payroll and tax professionals 
  • We are leaders in Irish payroll outsourcing 
  • Significant experience in managing senior executives, directors and other payrolls across a wide range of industry sectors 
  • We are proud to work on some of the most high profile executive payrolls for a number of companies throughout Ireland 
  • A review is carried out on all payroll runs to ensure accuracy and compliance with tax rules
  • Customised payroll management reports 
  • Continuous review and risk assessment of the payroll process and procedures 
  • Excellent account management is an integral part of how we conduct all our ongoing payroll engagements 

What can KPMG do for your business?

Take care of administration

  • Automated data collection
  • Electronic payslip delivery 
  • Payroll management reports
  • Employee and third party bank transfers 
  • Revenue returns and payments
  • Central Statistic Office reports 
  • Electronic payroll journal production 

Payroll advisory

  • Review of current payroll procedures
  • Data analysis, testing, extraction and cleansing
  • Streamlining payroll process
  • Bespoke financial information 
  • Recommendations for process improvements

Other services

  • Advice regarding Revenue audits (PAYE reviews) 
  • Advice regarding employment tax related issues, e.g. tax aspects of pensions, redundancy, executive compensation and benefits 
  • Shadow payroll support for international assignee payrolls 
  • Employee share incentive schemes 
  • Immigration advice, e.g. employment permit applications 

For more information on how KPMG’s Payroll Services team can assist you please see our payroll services brochure (PDF, 1.1MB).

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