The Sourcing Lifecycle requires meticulous planning, rigorous implementation control and optimisation to gain full value from all outsourcing arrangements.

Alignment during the outsourcing strategy, negotiations, and transition sets the foundation to deliver services well and at a fair price.

What we do

KPMG bring specialised teams together, blending insight and operational talent to help our clients design, build, and manage IT and business processes across the enterprise.

We help clients align business strategy and execution to manage the entire IT and business process life cycle, laying the groundwork for genuine business transformation. 

Current issues

Current trends are driving increased complexity in IT sourcing.

  • Multi-sourcing contracts that are leading to complex supplier landscapes
  • The need for either in-house or outsourced Service Integrator capabilities
  • Ensuring suppliers are accountable for project delivery or outcomes, instead of provision of capacity at day rates
  • Sourcing strategies need to support the implementation of industrialised delivery models (metrics, controls, tools, processes)
  • Suppliers and providers are increasingly organised based on specific functions and capabilities  with clearer expectations needing to be set around productivity
  • In-house teams concentrated on business insight and differentiating IT capabilities

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