Welcome to our Capital Ideas podcast series. In this series, we speak to investors in Irish business to explore their insights.

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Season 2

Episode 3: John O'Sullivan, ACT Venture Capital

In this episode of Capital Ideas, KPMG's David O'Kelly talks to John O'Sullivan, General Partner at ACT Venture Capital, one of the leading technology investors in Europe. John shares his insights on what makes a successful venture capital deal, how he supports entrepreneurs in growing their companies and what factors influence the timing and mode of exit.

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Episode 2: Leo Casey, BGF

KPMG's David O'Kelly speaks to Leo Casey, who leads BGF's operations in Ireland. Leo explains how BGF differentiate by acting as a minority investor. He also talks about how to learn from your mistakes and about what makes a business attractive for investment, particularly in a challenging economy.

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Episode 1: Seamus Farrell, SF Engineering

In the first episode of our second season of Capital Ideas, David O'Kelly speaks to Seamus Farrell, Founder and CEO of SF Engineering, which has grown from a start-up in the early 1980s to a multi-million global brand serving the world's leading food brands across Ireland and the UK. Seamus talks to David about the growth of his business and how private equity backing has helped accelerate their growth in recent years.

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Season 1

Episode 1: Laura Dillon, Waterland Private Equity

This month, David chats to Laura Dillon of Waterland, a pan-European independent private equity investment group that supports entrepreneurs in realising their growth ambitions. David and Laura talk about everything from how to access capital from private equity, the role of founders post-investment, what’s expected of management teams during a deal and more. 

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Episode 2: Peter Garvey, Melior Equity Partners

David O'Kelly speaks to Peter Garvey, Partner at Melior Equity Partners about everything from how private equity works with businesses to drive growth and create confidence, how demanding - both emotionally and physically - getting a deal done can be, and what Peter's favourite deal that he's advised on is.

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Episode 3: John Dolan, Cardinal Capital Group

John Dolan of Cardinal Capital Group talks to David O’Kelly about everything from why Irish private equity is more conservative when it comes to using debt compared to International PE, strategies for expanding and internationalising your business and how the current volatile global environment doesn't necessarily mean difficult times for dealmaking.  

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Episode 4: Neil McGowan, MML Capital Ireland

Neil McGowan of MML Capital Ireland speaks to David about everything from ESG considerations during deals, how unforeseen circumstances can affect a deal, providing clients with international market access and his experience of starting up a private equity fund in Ireland.

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Episode 5: Laura McCoy, Elysian Capital

Laura McCoy leads Elysian Capital's operations in Ireland. Laura talks to David O’Kelly about her return to Ireland following a stint in London, the importance of organisational culture, her experience of working through tough economic conditions, building relationships with management teams and more on the latest episode of Capital Ideas.

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