Our Australia China Business Practice assists Chinese companies investing in Australia and supports Australian companies investing in China.

We help Chinese companies invest in Australia and Australian companies invest in China.

The trade partnerships that have developed over the past decade will likely evolve into long-term strategic relationships between the two countries.

Identifying and capitalising on the opportunities this relationship presents are expected to produce extraordinary rewards.

Yet business and investment transactions in the Australia/China corridor may confront a number of challenges – from unfamiliar tax and regulatory regimes and business customs, to language and cultural differences.

Understanding these complexities is critical to expanding and deepening the Australia-China business relationship.


How we can help

Our Australia China Business Practice assists Chinese businesses to invest and grow in the Australian market, and assists Australian companies looking to enter China: 

Our teams of Chinese and Australian professionals embrace Chinese culture and language, and possess the local knowledge required to help our clients understand and manage the many commercial and country specific challenges facing them in Australia and China.

We assist our clients to develop and execute transactions, and develop regional strategies to fully capitalise and realise the business and investment opportunities arising from China’s growth.