Human Services

Human Services

Find out how KPMG assists clients to deliver more efficient and effective human and social services.

KPMG assists clients to deliver more effective human and social services.

Meeting the needs of citizens in areas such as child and family services, employment, disability, housing and community is one of the great challenges in Australia today.

KPMG’s Human Services professionals work with a broad range of clients to help create more efficient and effective human and social services.

Our mission is to help clients carry out their core responsibilities to provide for the essential human needs of all citizens, and to ensure their basic social security. Our team are committed to the shared purpose of ‘achieving better outcomes for the wellbeing of all Australians’.

Our global network of practitioners support clients through:

Business transformation/change management

Our firms' professionals help organisations manage the specific risks associated with change in complex social and political environments.

Information Technology

We work across the technology lifecycle – from planning and strategy through to implementation and sustainability – to achieve dramatic results that allow clients to achieve improved service efficiency at a lower cost.

Integrated service delivery/shared services

We design and implement programs that help leverage shared services to reduce costs while maintaining a clear focus on both core competencies and the delivery of mandated activities.

Performance management and improvement/cost-effectiveness

KPMG professionals deliver globally-tested and locally applied methodologies for achieving continuous improvement in internal processes, as well as outcome- and performance-based models of engagement with service providers in the private and not-for-profit sectors.

Program integrity/fraud prevention

KPMG’s Forensic teams help clients develop fraud prevention and program integrity strategies that are not only proactive, but robust enough to identify fraud before it occurs to protect our firms' clients' budgets, reputations and donors.

Additional services include:

  • program design and evaluation
  • leadership and organisational strategy
  • change management
  • internal/external audit
  • technology strategy
  • implementation and solutions
  • data & analytics
  • transactions and funding
  • real estate advisory
  • financial management
  • forensic analysis
  • cost optimisation and procurement
  • governance, risk and compliance
  • cyber security
  • tax
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