• Australia is increasingly becoming an attractive investment option for the global space industry and is well placed to play a critical role in the global supply chain for space industries.

The country offers:

  • strong candidate for manufacture of vehicular and satellite components, due to technologically advanced workforce skills mix 
  • a viable launch location due to equatorial proximity and vast remote regions
  • a clear appetite for investment and research into advancing space capabilities.

KPMG's space capabilities

Collectively, our people are contributing to carefully growing our space industry by connecting, supporting, and advising industry, government, and academia on domestic and global space endeavours. KPMG is supporting community outcomes and fostering economic prosperity across the following key areas and teams:

Government advisory

Space-related policy and program design, implementation and economic analysis

Accelerating Business Growth

Helping space startups and SMEs to access investment and scale up

Internet of Things

Assisting clients to implement safe and effective IoT solutions connected to space-enabled data and communications platforms


Supporting use and analysis of space data

Engineering & Asset Management

Guiding clients to make assets more reliable, maintainable, compliant, and cost effective, on Earth and in space

Process improvement and supply chain optimisation

Developing strategies that focus on improving performance and value from capital

Legal and regulatory

Deploying expertise to support the sustainable and peaceful growth of the space sector


Supporting mergers, acquisitions and divestitures in the rapidly changing space sector

Cyber security

Helping governments and companies secure their space-enabled data and critical communications technologies

Our global firm also has a deep network of partners, positioning KPMG to advise on international best practice, provide global market insights, and facilitate international collaboration.

Space sector insights

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