Helen Zhi Dent (支巧玲)

Partner, China Business Practice

KPMG Australia

For more than 18 years, Helen has worked with Chinese investors in international markets and with western businesses looking to invest and partner with Chinese businesses. She is experienced in working with government officials from Chinese and western government bodies, and has considerable knowledge on how to bring the two very different business communities together.

Helen has facilitated a number of high-profile bank licensing applications, supporting incoming foreign banks to work with KPMG’s specialists in the fields of Authorised Deposit-taking institution (ADI) licenses and Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). She has supported major state owned and privately owned investors from China in M&A transactions, and is regarded as one of the most experienced professionals in working with Chinese investors in Australia.

Helen joined KPMG in the UK in 2004 where she focused on UK-China investment flows, strategy development for the UK China Practice, business development and client relationship management. She transferred to KPMG Sydney in 2012, and focused on inbound Chinese investors and Chinese companies operating in Australia. She became KPMG Australia’s first Chinese-background partner in 2015.

In 2022, Helen became the President of the NSW branch of Australian Chinese Business Council, and she is an active presenter at China business forums and events, and talking to the media about Chinese investment in Australia.

  • Asia
  • China Practice
  • International Markets