Asistenţă Tehnică

Asistenţă Tehnică

Serviciile noastre de asistență tehnică răspund nevoilor managementului și sistemelor de implementare a Instrumentelor Structurale.

Serviciile noastre de asistență tehnică răspund nevoilor managementului.

Our Technical Assistance (TA) services address the needs identified at the level of the entire management and implementation systems of the Structural Instruments. In this respect, our mission is to support public authorities (Managing Authorities, Intermediate Bodies and other relevant institutions) in their efforts to ensure a sound, effective, efficient and transparent implementation and absorption of the European funds in Romania.

Our TA services cover a wide range activities:

  • strengthening the administrative capacity of various institutions by providing training sessions to the staff involved in the management of EU funds (training in project design, management and implementation);
  • providing TA services for programming, monitoring and evaluation of the operational programmes (OPs);
  • preparing specific studies and strategic documents;
  • verifying reimbursement claims and procurement procedures as well as conducting on-the-spot checks for EC-financed projects; and
  • reviewing the internal processes, procedures and implementation manuals of the Managing Authorities/ Intermediate Bodies.

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