Customers are demanding more from their brands: more personalised services, greater value for money, deeper levels of understanding, higher levels of integrity – all wrapped up in a swift, seamless omnichannel experience.

AI has emerged as a valuable tool for creating compelling customer connections and is redefining the economics of customer engagement. Organisations that balance AI-driven automation with the human touch stand to benefit through greater customer advocacy and loyalty.

The KPMG Customer Experience Excellence report tracks Australian consumers’ experience with local and international brands in 2023. It highlights the top 10 brands and takes a deep dive into the retail, financial services and energy sectors. It also explores  how accelerating digital transformation enables customer experience excellence and helps organisations achieve greater levels of performance and value.

How? By building a connected organisation centred around the customer.

Six pillars of customer experience excellence

KPMG’s Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence defines the DNA of outstanding customer experiences. Our research shows how Australian respondents rank their importance – and how digital transformation and AI can enhance and support them.



Using individualised attention to drive an emotional connection.



Being trustworthy and engendering trust.


Time and effort

Minimising customer effort and creating frictionless processes.



Managing, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.



Turning a poor experience into a great one.



Achieving an understanding of the customer's circumstances.

Connected business, orchestrated experiences

Designing and delivering compelling customer experiences requires a high degree of orchestration across a business. 

Cultural shift

Functional silos must be dismantled, cross-functional working practices must be developed, and cultural mindsets require transformation to focus on the outside-in, rather than the inside-out.

Dynamic customer journeys

Customer journeys should no longer be viewed as linear processes, but as dynamic and ongoing relationships. Technology is redefining how organisations engage and serve customers across multiple channels, leading to more personalised, efficient and satisfying customer experiences.

Digital transformation

Many organisations featured in our Customer Experience Excellence Hall of Fame have embarked upon successful digital transformation, including the adoption of AI, to drive a fundamental shift in experience.

Uplifting the customer experience with KPMG

As customers in Australia become savvier, their expectation for personalised, seamless experiences is increasing. The KPMG Customer & Operations team helps organisations to meet – and exceed – these expectations by putting customer outcomes at the centre of every decision, and harnessing technology to respond to their current and future needs.

No matter where you are on your digital transformation journey, our Connected approach allows you to respond quickly to market signals, seize opportunities and create more business value while operationalising customer-focused change.

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