Growing up in rural Quebec shaped the person Pierre-Yves is today. The small town charm and the values it instilled taught him about community: Helping others, supporting those around you, and striving to make a difference.

The passion for his community is largely what drove Pierre-Yves to undertake over 1,000 hours of rigorous training to become a volunteer firefighter at the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Fire Department. Now a Lieutenant leading and mentoring 25 volunteers, Pierre-Yves and his team quickly respond to emergencies: “When everybody is running out, we are running in.” He prides himself on helping his neighbours through their toughest days, leaning on his team to remain calm during high-stress moments. “When I am with my team, I rely on them 100%.”

It's no surprise, then, that Pierre-Yves is completely at home in the complex world of tax incentives, bringing the same levels of passion, determination, and leadership to help his clients overcome even the toughest challenges they are faced with. As a Senior Manager with KPMG’s Tax Incentive’s practice, he leverages his engineering and physics education and the diverse skill sets of his team to help clients understand the many forms of government funding, grants, and incentives available to support their business objectives. Pierre-Yves remains calm, clear and focused while helping clients navigate the challenges and complexities that come with securing government funding, “Clients are overwhelmed, and we jump right in to help them find the right solutions for their future projects.”

KPMG's collaboration across our many service teams also provides access to the right people, enabling him to deliver truly exceptional service. “It’s so easy to find the right specialists, and to get subject matter expertise from across our teams. Much like in the world of firefighting, at KPMG we are a highly connected community where everybody is willing to help, and we’re all working together and relying on one another to find the right solution.” What’s more, the flexibility at KPMG allows him to volunteer his time as a firefighter. Knowing he can continue to support his community when they need it most means everything.

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