Andrew had two loves as a child: Music and technology. He picked up his first violin at just three years old. Sure, it was made by his sister out of paper plates and elastic bands, but a year later he got the real deal. Starting the violin so young taught Andrew the value of hard work, and the joy you feel from working on your art and seeing success.

His passion for music gave him some incredible ‘pinch me’ moments, including performing for former US Presidents Clinton and Bush Jr., and collaborating with pop icon Sting. However, he never lost his love of technology, pursuing his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of Toronto.

This interdisciplinary background allowed Andrew to realize that, while seemingly worlds apart, technology and art are deeply intertwined. “Tech is just like music,” he explains. “You have to understand the basics to understand how everything comes together. Once you do, you can start getting creative.” It’s this unique and innovative perspective that Andrew brings to his clients at KPMG in Canada as a Partner in our Technology Strategy and Digital Transformation practice. Andrew helps clients across healthcare, government and legal aid to get the most out of emerging technologies by applying them in thoughtful, intentional ways.

In the fast-paced world of modern technology, Andrew is the discerning conductor who aims to build lasting, impactful systems that will stand the test of time. “A client may say ‘We want AI because we want to accelerate workflow.’ While that may be a solution, I also ask ‘Is AI the best way to get you there? Or is there a better way to achieve that outcome?’”

Whether playing for world leaders or leveraging leading technology, Andrew has one goal: To create something meaningful. Understanding the value of an interdisciplinary life and seeing all the amazing places it has brought him, Andrew started The Andrew Forde Foundation, to support others with intersecting passions, “The world has been hyper focused on trying to force people into boxes. I want to encourage young professionals to do more. We all have so many things we’re interested in. Go after them all!”

Andrew’s career path has given him memorable experiences and the ability to make a difference. While his day-to-day doesn’t involve stages and orchestras, the rewards are still there — just in a different way, “If I am the first call clients make when they have a problem, seeing me as a trusted advisor, that’s my critical acclaim.”

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