Kerry’s creative spark ignited at a young age. Growing up in a creative family meant toys were an opportunity to craft something, family outings were to art stores, and dinner table conversations were about design thinking. When her grandmother, a trained tailor, taught her how to sew, Kerry became fascinated by the ability to turn thoughts into reality, and quickly realized that art can drive change and fuel innovation. Following that thread, Kerry became a design student at Concordia, diving into the differences – and similarities – between art and design. She went on to teach design at universities across Canada, teaching design thinking, design process, and the role technology plays in both. Eventually, this proud ‘design evangelist’ found herself at KPMG.

As the Innovation Designer and Lead of our Ignition Center in Calgary, Kerry utilizes design thinking methodologies enabling clients to explore, create, and test new systems or solutions in a risk-free environment. “I use my skills as a designer to visualize new processes and tools for clients, to tell them a story, to help bring their team into alignment, and then coach them to solve problems strategically.”

Leveraging her experience as an instructor, Kerry creates a safe space that inspires and motivates her clients to experiment, challenge their current structures, and rethink what’s possible. She collaborates with subject matter experts from multiple disciplines, including ESG, digital transformation, and risk management, then adds intention and innovative technology, using data to solve client issues with unique prototypes and customized solutions.

Kerry continues to surround herself with creative people who encourage one another to tap into their imagination and provide clients with innovative solutions. “We have this huge diversity of people with incredible skills that I get to leverage, which is the beauty of being at KPMG Ignition.”

Making clothing taught Kerry that the creative process isn’t always a straight line. At first, the separate parts may seem overwhelming, but when you start bringing things together, you uncover what’s possible. With the right tools, proper guidance, and the perfect amount of curiosity, there’s no limit to what you can do.

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