When most 12-year-olds were sitting around watching tv, Frances was experiencing what it’s like to climb a volcano for the first time. The exhilarating feeling of reaching the top and exploring the rim had her hooked. “I am half Icelandic,” Frances says with pride. “So, I’ve always had a fascination with volcanoes, and being at the top of that first one was like nothing I had ever experienced.” From that day forward, she’s taken every opportunity to explore active and dormant volcanoes around the world.

For her, hiking volcanoes is a lot like anticipating cyber threats. Before you reach the top and find clarity, you have to understand the many variables affecting your judgment and determine the best approach to safely make the trek. From the terrain, to the wind, even what you had for breakfast matters. Being prepared is how you stay safe. Thinking through the various risks and challenges you will face, as well as remaining vigilant throughout the journey, is paramount when exploring active volcanoes. The same can be said when identifying and mitigating cyber threats.

As a cybersecurity professional, her mindset around trying to identify and prepare for risks is core to her success. Cybersecurity requires you to always be thinking three steps ahead. Cyber breaches can happen at any moment, and without a well thought out plan that expects and prepares for the unexpected, an organization can end up in a very vulnerable position. Frances knows that, at first, it can appear insurmountable, but by taking proactive measures one step at a time, you can anticipate missteps before they happen.

Understanding the challenges organizations face in our shifting digital landscape, Frances draws on her unique insights and KPMG’s ever-expanding library of tools, resources, and support to help her clients conquer their fears and remain vigilant.

Today Frances helps her clients prepare for and mitigate possible cyber breaches, which may be just around the corner. Tomorrow, she’ll be plotting her path for exploring her next volcanic adventure; exploring the Zona Volcanica de la Garrotxa Natural Park in Spain.

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