Target Value Platform

Target Value Platform

A rapid-opportunity diagnostic analytics solution that helps quickly uncover upside value within a business.

A rapid-opportunity diagnostic analytics solution that uncovers value in a business.

Mergers & acquisitions processes are having to innovate, as the ability to generate value from financial restructuring reduces and asset values decline. Key innovation techniques include focusing more heavily on due diligence and to rigorously assess operational upsides of an asset.

KPMG’s Target Value Platform is designed to enable you to identify the full value and long term potential of a business, the relevant value levers to pull and the operational implementation considerations of a deal process or transformation – which can be used at any time in an investment lifecycle.

Potential benefits include:

  • increased ability to focus and prioritise value areas at the start of the deal process
  • greater visibility on where potential value resides in investments – creating greater robustness for an investment thesis
  • enhanced ability to demonstrate and prove value opportunities to the next investor; and
  • realistic implementation plans, clarity and momentum to achieve better results.

At KPMG, we understand you need focused advice from the right specialists at the right time at every stage of the deal and ownership lifecycle.

Through KPMG’s Target Value Platform we provide specialist advice and facilitate workshops at an early stage of a deal – to identify how you can improve opportunities, prioritise initiatives and deliver value, before finalising a deal. A health check can also be performed to stress test plans and help ensure you are on course to maximise value on exit.

Our Target Value Platform includes a rapid value scan – an interactive control panel that helps identify and quantify potential value of an asset or business unit. It allows the user to consider a 1000 day planning tool, sensitivity analysis in real time and to quantify key areas of opportunity.

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