International hotline

International hotline

As set out in our Whistleblowing Policy (PDF 718KB), KPMG encourages the reporting of suspected or actual wrongdoing, misconduct or an improper state of affairs, including conduct that is dishonest, corrupt, illegal or unethical, or the concealment of such conduct.

The KPMG International hotline is a vehicle for current and former KPMG partners, employees, clients and other parties to confidentially report concerns they have relating to certain areas of activity by KPMG International itself, its employees or the senior leadership of a KPMG member firm. 


Make a report

  • By accessing a web-based reporting system at (select KPMG International)
  • Telephone: Call the toll-free hotline number on 1300 849 145 (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Mail:
    Clearview Connects ™
    P.O. Box 11017
    Toronto, Ontario
    M1E 1N0



KPMGI is working with Canada-based Clearview Strategic Partners, a third party administrator of telephone and web-based hotline services to operate the organisation's Hotline. Using an external provider ensures confidentiality to anyone filing a report and anonymity to those who choose to remain anonymous.

ClearView Connects™ is a registered trademark of ClearView Strategic Partners Inc.