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Tax Managed Services

Expect more with a collaborative, technology-rich, scalable resource model

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Expect more: Seamless support across your entire lifecycle

The tax function faces various challenges and opportunities, requiring organizations to regularly reevaluate their tax operating model to keep up with evolving regulations, emerging technologies, talent demands, budgetary concerns, and other operational issues. These factors reshape the overall tax agenda and transform businesses. Maintaining sufficient in-house resources to fulfill tax obligations can be costly, especially for fast-growing enterprises. Increasing the size of your internal tax team at the same rate as your business growth may not be economically feasible. 

KPMG Tax Managed Services can help support you across your entire tax lifecycle by providing broad, scalable tax capabilities that align with your unique needs.

Tax leaders are facing challenges

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Scalable technology

Scalable technology

Limited budgets or lack of internal capability to properly deploy and integrate commercially available tools, develop customized solutions, or implement new technologies

Regulatory change

Regulatory change

Pressure on internal functions to keep up with relevant global developments (i.e., BEPS 2.0, TCJA)

Talent demands

Talent demands

An increasingly challenging market for talented tax professionals, often with limited progression opportunities, coupled with a need for ongoing skill development to keep pace with technology advances

Business disruption

Business disruption

Constant changes in the business—including reorganizations, finance transformations, and new operating models—put immense pressure on a tax department’s operational effectiveness

Connected capabilities

Connected capabilities

Tax leaders seek ways to enhance the tax function’s profile by integrating it across their organization internally and in multiple jurisdictions, but may grapple with internal complexities

Cost pressure

Cost pressure

Chief Financial Officers aim to reduce selling, general, and administrative expenses (SG&A) at their organizations despite the increased regulatory requirements

beams to a building

Expect more: KPMG Tax Managed Services can help with these challenges by:

  • Elevating tax into an enterprise-wide value creator
  • Leveraging methodologies and tools that align with your needs
  • Generating capacity for strategy and risk-management activities

An approach based on listening, learning, and flexing with your needs

  • Our comprehensive approach provides broad, scalable tax capabilities fueled by technology, operational expertise, and a deep bench of professionals
  • Our services align with your unique needs and adapt as business requirements, regulations, and risk considerations shift
  • Our people will help bridge your skills gap, providing opportunities for career growth, making you more resilient, and ensuring you keep pace with the competition
  • Our platform prioritizes data as the force that drives your tax function
  • Combining the latest technology with artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics, KPMG Tax Managed Services empowers clients to rethink their operating model. By seeing data in a new way, we create efficiencies and deliver greater value from front office to back

What we bring to the table

Extensive tax, technology, and data experience

group of people

Dedicated team

We blend tax transformation, technology, and technical and operational skills, delivering decades of experience in leadership roles at complex multinational organizations.


Industry-leading technology

Our AI-driven technology platform, Digital Gateway, continually evolves to meet changing regulations and risks. It offers advanced capabilities across all functional tax areas, with a focus on automation, analytics, and leading industry practices to enhance tax reporting, compliance, data extraction, modeling, controls, and more.

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Broad-based data strategy

We have a proven strategy for efficient data collection and informative data analytics, helping bridge the gap between data and knowledge to enhance planning and strategic decision making.

government building

Excellence in governance

We provide a governance framework that supports performance tracking, visibility, controls, escalation, and continuous improvement, with a three-tiered delivery model. This structure is essential for understanding and meeting evolving expectations and strategic objectives.

Expect more: A leaner, more agile operating model

KPMG has developed the market’s leading tax managed services offering that focuses on:

  • Maximizing the client experience
  • Making faster, more intelligent decisions
  • Unlocking value
  • Establishing and maintaining competitive advantage

These offerings can be applied to an entire tax function or a sub-function (e.g., direct, indirect, mobility services, etc.).

We deliver integrated, efficient, and adaptable managed services solutions, ranging from routine daily tasks to complex cross-functional processes.

Businesses increasingly seek strategic relationships with partners who can help them build a digital, global, and efficient tax model. We work with companies across virtually every industry to unlock sustainable value while managing large volumes of direct and indirect tax data in real-time—incorporating analytics, automation, and the ability to generate timely insights.

Stay Ahead of the tax technology curve

Trailblazing tax services for the real world

See how the KPMG Tax Managed Services team helped a Fortune 100 technology multinational identify and address key internal and competitive challenges through holistic, transformative thinking.

KPMG Client

KPMG has designed a strong managed services solution for tax and finance that allows us to leverage both a global tax compliance platform and their investment in technology to position us for the future.

- Brian Lynn

Global Head of Tax, HP Inc.

HP Inc. reinvents its tax operations with KPMG

Expect more: Delivering innovation and efficiencies

In today’s highly fluid and fast-paced environment, the tax function needs to be agile and informed.

Benefits and outcomes

  • Enhanced compliance and reporting capabilities
  • Improved risk management
  • Greater insights into tax-saving paths
  • Career opportunities for transferred talent

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The Human Side of Tax Managed Services

Brought to you by the KPMG Tax Managed Services Team.

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November 7, 2023 | Continued Evolution of a Connected Tax Operating Model: Tax Managed Services

Tax organizations are facing increasing compliance burdens, evolving technology, cost reduction, and finding/retaining talent. This event will explore how organizations are approaching these complex challenges, and particularly how Tax Managed Services may be a viable option.

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