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The new imperative: Supply chain transformation

At a time of extreme disruption, help future-proof your supply chain with KPMG

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Today’s supply chains are under enormous stress. Our industry has seen major impact from the pandemic, port crises, severe weather events, and supply and labor shortages—all adding to shipping delays.

Decision makers are turning away from manual processes and embracing analytics and AI-driven approaches. The next generation of supply chains are set to harness the power of automation to analyze and synthesize large amounts of data, perform repetitive tasks, learn and make recommendations—all while humans oversee and manage the supply chain and make key decisions.

Business leaders worldwide are struggling to survive and thrive in this new reality and address these challenges head on:

Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions

Enhancing visibility and collaboration to mitigate risks and disruptions, including strategies like nearshoring to address vulnerabilities, along with the use of advanced analytics, scenario modeling and data to better understand and predict risks and events

Decision-Making in a Supply Chain Environment

Making informed, data-driven decisions amidst supply limitations, emphasizing the need for agility and adaptability

ESG Goals and Transparency

Emphasizing supply chain transparency and traceability as pivotal factors in meeting ESG objectives and regulations

AI-Powered Agility

Leveraging AI to enhance supply chain agility, enabling quick adaption to market changes while driving cost efficiencies and performance improvements

Building a Digitally Enabled Workforce and Operating Model

Creating a workforce culture that is human-centric, yet empowered by digital tools for efficient labor allocation and skill utilization, redefining the structure, processes and enablement of the end to end

Technology for Operational Enhancement

Harnessing technology to improve operational workflows, enhance visibility and provide real-time information for better decision-making and transparency

Disruption to supply chain operations is set to stay in 2024

The KPMG Global Operations Centre of Excellence has compiled a list of the key trends supply chain leaders should watch for in the coming year—from GenAI and adopting a low-touch planning approach to planning for the electric future.

Supply chain trends 2024: The digital shake-up

With digital opportunities sweeping the supply chain landscape, readiness and line of sight will be paramount to success

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Three core imperatives for future ready supply chains

Based on our successes with companies in a variety of industries, we’ve identified three core capabilities that are key to managing supply chains through uncertainty and ensuring their long-term viability.

1. Visibility

See it

Gain visibility across the end-to-end supply chain. See what your customers need, what they’re consuming now, and what your suppliers are producing. Foresee potential problems and maximize every opportunity.  

KPMG helps you

  • Work collaboratively so you can see what customers, suppliers and logistics partners see
  • Anticipate issues and get early warning to potential problems and demand/ supply disconnects
  • Use data (external signals and internal data sources) and advanced scenario modelling to make better, more informed decisions

2. Analytics

Analyze it 

Leverage data to drive better and more profitable decisions.  Understand the cost of complexity and the true cost to serve.  Employ machine learning to identify anomalies and to avoid potential problems.

KPMG helps you

  • Understand the cost of complexity and the true cost to serve
  • Collate data—raw, structured, unstructured—and derive robust insights and recommendations
  • Use advanced modeling and analytics to unlock hidden opportunities beyond human analysis
  • Explore scenarios to improve profitability and the economic contribution of every SKU and order

3. Planning

Plan it

Drive improved supply chain planning with faster cross-functional decision making.  Improve the quality of the demand signal by leveraging external signals.  Ensure alignment across the extended supply chain.  Optimize inventory, capacity, logistics and network strategies.

KPMG helps you

  • Improve the effectiveness and speed of traditional sales and operations planning processes
  • Leverage external signals to improve the quality of the demand signal and forecast accuracy
  • Implement supply planning processes that leverage visibility into the extended supply chain
  • Develop mid- and long-term, proven S&OP/E and IBP capabilities

The KPMG approach

KPMG is in the business of designing and helping to implement purpose-built supply chains. We are a full-service advisory firm with a broad range of functional and industry experience that can address your supply chain needs from strategy through execution.

Technology enablement is a key component of every supply chain initiative

Our comprehensive solutions are driven by advanced technology from industry-leading companies like:

At KPMG, we always strive to bring our best to clients. That’s why we join forces with leading technology providers that complement the deep experience, diverse perspectives, and specialized industry knowledge of our multidisciplinary model. Strategic alliances enhance our integrated capabilities and help clients seize more value from strategy and technology investments.

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Bringing visibility and resilience to a complex supply chain

A telecommunications manufacturer uses e2open to connect with suppliers and manage disruption

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Positioning a pharmaceutical company for an expanded future

KPMG and Oracle helped Insmed organize and upgrade its systems so that it could capitalize on its new opportunities.

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Strategic decisions for a smarter supply chain network

KPMG helped a growing diversified manufacturer define an optimal distribution network, efficiently positioning raw materials and finished goods.

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Peak performance drives powerful growth

KPMG helped a global automotive products maker integrate 10 business processes to support doubling of revenues every 3 years.

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Demand drives supply

KPMG helped a spin-off automotive components manufacturer develop a supply chain strategy to optimize inventory and reduce costs.

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Reinventing the supply chain

KPMG helped a large U.S. hospital system save tens of millions of dollars by changing the way it buys and distributes medical, surgical and pharmaceutical items.

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Supply chain earns its seat at the table

KPMG helped a regional transit authority better manage parts inventory and achieve strategic business partnering with a new supply chain management organizational model.

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