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Generative AI for Tax. Expect More.

With KPMG Trusted AI as our foundation, we help tax functions build and deploy responsible, ethical and fair GenAI programs that create value across tax operations.

GenAI is fast emerging as the most disruptive technology of our time, and it's already reshaping the tax function as we know it. With the power of GenAI, tax professionals can enhance and expedite data management processes, driving improvements across a range of tasks. By harnessing the skills and expertise of tax professionals alongside GenAI tools, tax leaders can be even bolder in their plans to transform tax operations in the years to come. With KPMG Trusted AI as our foundation, we are dedicated to helping tax functions build and deploy responsible, ethical and fair GenAI programs that create value across tax operations.

Eight leading practices for standing up a GenAI program for tax

To harness the energy around GenAI, tax executives are piloting their first GenAI programs. This is a critical juncture. Making smart strategic and technical decisions today will be essential to capitalizing on GenAI in the future tax department. Our guide shares eight leading practices for tax leaders to get successful GenAI programs off the ground.

Key GenAI benefits for the tax function

Automation of basic tasks

Document generation and communications, form completion, preliminary review functions, and other administrative tasks

Data analysis
Data analysis and research

Pattern recognition, issue spotting, law and case summarization, document and contract review, and issue framing

Risk monitoring
Risk monitoring and analysis

Workflow status monitoring, near-real-time summary and analysis of tax filings, reports and support details, issue spotting, and causal analysis

Strategic planning and communications

Scenario planning, near-real-time business issue analysis, and summarization of complex tax issues into business-friendly narratives

GenAI: The next frontier for global mobility

GenAI is an exciting and evolving technology, and it’s sparking an evolution of global mobility services and solutions right along with it. This episode of the Mobility via Podcast provides a glimpse into the KPMG Global Mobility GenAI journey and the implications of our new initiatives for client organizations.

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Game changer: Can generative AI revolutionize tax function efficiency?

With the emergence of GenAI, the possibilities of technology transformation of the tax function have reached new, vast heights. This technology offers exciting possibilities to accelerate tax operations like never before. This edition of our CTO Insights series highlights how tax leaders are preparing to balance innovation opportunities with risk management to take advantage of this new technology frontier.

Supercharge your tax professionals

Managing tax compliance, risk, controversy, and transactions can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. But GenAI technologies, coupled with tax technical skills, can supercharge your tax professional through access to aggregated data and insights. It enables them to focus more on value creation and strategic activities that can make a significant impact in key areas such as tax planning and structuring, evaluating tax implications of business decisions, managing risk, establishing guiding principles, creating audience-tailored communications, and more.

GenAI can help the tax function


Tax compliance

Tax compliance

Automating the time-consuming aspects of tax compliance and reporting—such as data capture, computation, and reconciliation—can liberate tax professionals from routine transactional processes so they can add greater value beyond compliance. GenAI can also provide a narrative analysis of information and output while supporting human analysis.

Risk management of a global tax landscape

Risk management of a global tax landscape

Large multinational companies operating in multiple jurisdictions need to rapidly identify and make sense of the latest developments across the globe. GenAI models can read, translate, and accurately summarize relevant documents in seconds, giving tax practitioners actionable information at speed.

Tax controversy

Tax controversy

GenAI technologies can help prepare for discovery and analyze information in tax litigation by facilitating consistent communications with tax authorities across tax types and jurisdictions. It can help apply relevant data and issues from one area to another to communicate with tax auditors, public, or judicial officials on their terms, using language and approaches that resonate most effectively with the audience.

Tax transactions

Tax transactions

GenAI can help with complex tax transactions by identifying patterns and trends in data that may not be immediately apparent to human analysts. This can help tax professionals make more informed decisions and identify potential tax risks and opportunities that might otherwise be missed. Additionally, GenAI can help tax professionals communicate complex tax concepts and strategies to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner that builds confidence in the tax planning process.


Empowering tax professionals with KPMG Digital Gateway

Access tomorrow’s tax tools today.

KPMG Digital Gateway is an integrated platform that provides you with access to the full suite of KPMG tax and legal technologies, including an AI-augmented tax assistant that can help you tackle a range of business challenges, transform data into value more efficiently, and better manage your tax function.

Unlock the power of your tax data with our AI-enabled Digital Gateway platform. Discover valuable insights and intelligence hidden within your tax applications and systems to transform the way you approach tax planning, compliance, and operations.

Putting the power of GenAI in your team's hands with KPMG Digital Gateway

Virtual advisor and intelligent concierge

Delivers GenAl capabilities throughout Digital Gateway and our technology ecosystem

Knowledge store

Supplements Al models with the collective intelligence and experience of our organization, giving you access to proprietary knowledge and thought leadership

Data, analytics, and reporting

Applies GenAl on top of your data, so you can review, analyze, and gain valuable insights more efficiently

Benefit from our collaboration with leading alliance partners

Our investments in cloud technologies, machine learning, and data analytics coupled with our Microsoft, Google and IBM alliances allow us to explore innovative advancements in AI that take the Tax function to the next frontier.

In collaboration with leading technology providers who share our vision of accelerating innovation and excellence, we can work together to create innovative solutions that elevate our capabilities, standards, and speed at which we address your challenges and help you capture opportunities.

KPMG can help you stay ahead of the future

GenAI has the potential to create an optimal tax function and enrich the tax profession overall. With industry experience in tax and technology, KPMG can help you stay ahead of both disruption and the competition:

  • Strategic consulting services
  • Build GenAI solutions in your environment
  • Enhance your tax function using our technology investments

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