Today’s customer is more informed and discerning than ever before, making it essential for businesses to prioritize customer-centricity if they want to thrive in the digital age. After all, customer touch points and services are being delivered more and more through digital platforms.

The ability to utilize customer data to achieve business goals depends both on the infrastructure (e.g. cloud-based), the target architecture/operating-model as well as the right governance and overall strategy.

We understand the importance of placing the customer at the center of your business strategy, and that's why we've developed KPMG Connected Enterprise – a tailored approach to digital transformation that places customer needs at the heart of everything you do.

We help you deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Our solutions are designed to help you streamline and connect processes across all functions, while encouraging your employees and partners to collaborate to deliver an outstanding customer experience that drives growth and profitability. More important than any framework is understanding the value of continuous improvement and having an agile approach to accelerate change. In addition, we can help you optimize your digital strategy by adopting effective governance, embracing new technologies and striving for excellence.

Beyond the customer, digital transformation and disruption are often tied to digital business strategies and delivering exceptional customer service. From building business capabilities through data analytics and strategic insights, to supporting operational excellence (e.g. by automating back-office tasks and focusing on customer-facing ones), the need for digital and technological transformation is crucial.

With KPMG Connected Enterprise you maintain a competitive advantage.

Successful technological transformation initiatives require a sustained, coordinated and multifaceted approach. Whether you’re looking to use digital solutions to enhance your customer experience, introduce new products and services, use data to optimize operational efficiency or modernize your current technologies, KPMG Connected Enterprise is the solution you need to achieve your goals and maintain a competitive advantage.

As an initial step, we would be more than happy to deliver value to you through tailored insights, assessments, and benchmarks in a collaborative context.

KPMG Connected Enterprise Solutions: Pioneering Digital Transformation

Our Connected Platforms empower organizations to enhance collaboration and operational efficiency by connecting customers, employees, business partners and suppliers while breaking down functional silos.

With our sector-specific, preconfigured solutions, you can optimize your processes, drive digital strategy, fuel innovation and elevate your customer experience through improved touch points.

Intelligent Forecasting

Effective and insightful financial planning is vital for a company's growth and innovation. Our intelligent forecasting solutions provide real-time data refresh, modeling and insights to support various roles and functions within organizations, boosting their digital transformation journey.

Working Capital Insights

Efficient cash management is critical for maintaining a steady flow of working capital that allows your business to thrive and improve on an ongoing basis.

Voice of the Customer

A high-quality customer experience is a key differentiator for your company in a competitive market. Capturing the voice of the customer – their thoughts, actions and emotions – is essential to driving customer-centric change and advancing your digital strategy.

Workflow & Automation

KPMG's accelerator tool leverages our process mining and low-code automation services, along with industry and function-specific solutions, to perform a rapid diagnostic on your operational processes and streamline your path to operational excellence.

Workplace Design

By reinventing both physical/digital spaces and corporate culture, organizations can support remote working while maintaining a collaborative environment, resulting in improved overall operations and efficiency.

Enterprise Integration

A seamlessly connected enterprise across all layers of the operational model is vital for digital success. Our Connected Technology – Enterprise Integration solution helps your organization navigate the API economy and achieve optimal connectivity for your business, bolstering your digital transformation initiatives.

Connected. Powered. Trusted. Elevate.

Connected. Powered. Trusted. Elevate. is the comprehensive KPMG suite of business transformation solutions that guide clients towards a more productive and sustainable future. These solutions are tailored to address various client challenges and different aspects of a business or operating model. Each solution offers rich insights and is underpinned by our leading transformation methodology.

As a company, we are committed to driving change and fostering innovation throughout the digital landscape, empowering businesses to achieve operational excellence and thrive in the age of digital transformation.

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