Real Estate

Selling, valuing, managing, optimizing real estate. We provide multidisciplinary advice.

The real estate environment has become increasingly complex due to dynamic economic developments. We are experienced in all aspects of real estate management, covering all stages of the investment lifecycle, whether your focus is local or global.

  • Valuing, selling or optimizing properties and real estate portfolios. 
  • Structuring or bequeathing real estate assets. 
  • Organizing or liquidating operational real estate. 
  • Plausibility checking and controlling construction and development projects. 
  • Raising or financing capital. 
  • Planning and managing compliance with sustainability requirements. 
  • Shaping the digitalization of the real estate sector.

Swiss Real Estate Sentiment Index

The advance indicator for developments in the real estate investment market.

Our solutions

We offer multi-disciplinary real estate solutions and support you in your commercial, technical, tax and legal issues.

  • Real Estate Transaction Advisory, M&A
    As an effective transaction advisor, we support you in the sale of your properties or real estate portfolios, in the realization of reserves via sale & leaseback transactions, in the context of company sales, investment structuring or the settlement of inheritances.
  • Debt & Capital Advisory, Fundraising, IPOs
    Are you looking for support in project financing or restructuring? Are you planning on raising capital through an IPO? We will assemble the ideal multi-disciplinary team to ensure your success.
  • Setup and Implementation of Indirect Investments
    We have a full range of professional expertise to help with the establishment of funds, foundations or other real estate investment vehicles. We offer comprehensive advice on the setup of these as well as on compliance with regulatory requirements. 
  • Investments
    We support you in your investment activities with our analyses, scenario development, plausibility studies, appraisals and due diligence support. 
  • Re-balancing of your portfolio and financing structure
    A changed interest rate environment, macroeconomic factors or value changes in the portfolio may require reallocations or the realization of reserves for the purpose of de-leveraging. We support you in this process.
  • Operator Search
    To safeguard your returns, we assist in with tender processes in your search for operating partners for your real estate, for example in the hotel and healthcare sectors.

  • Real Estate Valuation for Sale and Purchase
    Our appraisals that comply with approved standards and our potential and scenario analyses support you in your important decision-making processes relating to transactions, investments or disposals. 
  • Portfolio Valuation
    We appraise the market values of real estate portfolios and provide assessments of value enhancement potentials for institutional investors, companies and private investors.
  • Feasibility Studies and Project Evaluations
    In the context of development projects or investment decisions, we support you as a sparring partner in your economic analysis and the creation of decision-making tools. Feel free to discuss with us your alternative use strategies for your real estate assets.
  • Expert Opinions and Second Opinions
    We provide an independent quantitative foundation for the settlement of inheritances, contributions in kind, exchanges, quantifying damages in the event of disputes, divisions of assets and carve-outs.
  • Due Diligence
    We support you in your investment activities with our analyses, scenario development, plausibility studies, appraisals and due diligence support. 
  • Value-added calculations
    We support you in the determination of planning-related added values, create scenarios as a basis for negotiations or draw up value appraisals.


  • Location and Investment Analyses
    Do you need an overview of the value drivers, opportunities and threats relating to your real estate portfolio? Are you planning on entering new markets or do you need hard facts for your corporate decision-making? We provide tailored analyses and studies as a support for your strategic projects. 
  • Modelling and Investment Planning
    We provide financial modelling to support you in your dynamic investment and financing decisions relating to major projects or real estate portfolios.
  • Structuring and Management Positioning for Real Estate Portfolios
    We support you in your activities to improve the performance or alignment of your real estate portfolio from a sustainability perspective, transferring directly held properties into investment vehicles or organize tender processes for the management of your real estate portfolios. 
  • Major Project Advisory and Operational Optimization
    We assess your complex development and restructuring projects in terms of process flows, costs, deadlines, quality, governance and compliance. We also help with risk assessments relating to your proposed project partners.
  • Corporate Real Estate Management
    Would you like to optimize your operational model, adjust your location strategy, increase building efficiency or reduce costs or the environmental impact of your strategic real estate? We can assist you in this journey both locally and globally.
  • Analysis of Investment Products, Monitoring, Controlling and Performance Measurement
    We provide analyses for selecting and structuring of indirect real estate investments both in Switzerland and abroad, and support you in your initial investment analysis and subsequent investment performance measurement. 

  • Investment and Portfolio Strategy
    Invest strategically and release the added value of your real estate as ‘best owner’. Optimize your real estate portfolio in line with your business strategy by focusing on future value drivers. We help you develop a basis for your decision-making and implement those decisions.
  • Corporate Strategy, Organizational Development, Processes
    We are your sparring partner for your strategic development. Do you need help in the orientation of your organization? Would you like to revise your processes or review their efficiency and effectiveness? 
  • Operational Excellence, System Analyses
    Inefficient cost structures, interface problems, process-related restrictions or lack of KPIs and benchmarks eat into performance. We support you in the operational implementation, outsourcing to third-party asset management or transfer of real estate via sale & rentback.
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Management
    Where there’s a return, there’s a risk. We identify the strengths and weaknesses as well as the quality optimization potential in the management of your real estate assets. We help with the introduction of an internal control system, and our regular risk assessments support you in the controlling of your investments. We also prepare reports for your stakeholders.
  • Succession Planning
    Entrepreneurs, families and wealth managers plan for the future. We support you in real estate-related topics with commercial, legal and tax law analyses, appraisals and recommended courses of action.

  • Entrepreneurialism, Succession Planning and Operational Handover
    Entrepreneurs, families and wealth managers plan for the future. We support you in real estate-related topics with commercial, legal and tax law analyses, appraisals and recommended courses of action, and provide you with a multidisciplinary team to guide you through the handover or sale process.
  • Funding Gaps, Repositioning and Restructuring
    Strategic adjustments, refinancing or commercial reorganizations naturally occur in company’s life cycle. We support you in raising liquidity as well as developing and implementing a location strategy. We accompany you on your journey to expand and optimize your organizational setup.
  • Real estate and Inheritance
    Real estate assets are not easily sub-divisible and there are many inheritance law and tax-related hurdles. We help you plan inheritances, demonstrate your options when it comes to dealing with real estate and assist you throughout the project.
  • Optimization of Portfolios
    We help you recognize inefficient costs structures, improve your processes and manage your real estate portfolio effectively through the use of KPIs. In the case of strategic adjustments, we are at your side as advisors or experienced transaction managers.
  • Appointment of a Real Estate Manager
    Would you prefer to concentrate on the income side? No problem. We can support you in the search, selection and appointment of an asset manager or property manager through a selective tendering process.
  • Optimization of Investment Structure
    Business operations and investments evolve over time. We can assist you in a regular review of the setup in terms of accounting, commercial and tax implications. We also specialize in the sale of companies or real estate portfolios in the form of share deals.

  • Business Strategy
    Sustainability includes your operational organization, location decisions, working and delivery models as well as workplace strategies. Please talk to us for a holistic view of the potential projects to implement your ESG strategy.
  • Decarbonization, Circular Economy and Social Justice
    Decarbonizing buildings is not enough. The reality requires us to report our impact, re-evaluate our purpose in society and make our contribution to a sustainable future – for our people, clients, partners and the community we serve. We will accompany you on this journey as partners.
  • Reporting and Assurance
    Transparency and data are key to building trust and conveying your commitment to ESG issues. We help you identify the important issues to include in reports, compile reports in accordance with defined standards and define the KPIs for the measurement of progress.
  • Data Management, Data Analysis
    Data collection, data analysis and data availability are critical pre-requisites for effective projects. We support you in data management, data interpretation and ensuring data security.
  • Technology, Platforms, Security, Quality Assurance
    The evaluation of technological solutions, platform-based management, cloud solutions, cyber security and quality audits and certifications are some of our core competencies. Please don’t hesitate to share your challenges with us so that we can assist you in enhancing your business’ resilience.

Your key contacts

Locally anchored and globally networked in over 150 countries, we are happy to support you with regard to all questions you might have concerning your real estate assets.

Ulrich Prien

Partner, Deal Advisory, Sector Head Real Estate

KPMG Switzerland

Beat Seger

Partner, Real Estate Advisory, Chief Digital Officer

KPMG Switzerland

Kilian Schwendimann

Director, Deal Advisory, Real Estate

KPMG Switzerland

Laurent Aillard

Senior Manager, Real Estate Advisory

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Eric Delé

Senior Manager, Real Estate Advisory

KPMG Switzerland

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Swiss Real Estate Sentiment Index

The advance indicator for developments in the real estate investment market.

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