Asset Management

Discover and benefit from the latest trends in the asset management and fund industry.

Navigating the complexities of today's asset management landscape requires more than just expertise - it takes a partner who understands the interplay between stringent regulation, operational challenges and technological innovation. 

Our team at KPMG is ready to guide you through this complex terrain, helping you to capitalize on new opportunities with strategies that are at the pulse of the market.

KPMG offers a wide range of consulting and auditing services. We also work closely with financial market authorities such as FINMA in Switzerland and FMA Liechtenstein.

From obtaining an asset management license, to advising on management companies and custodian, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your business. Our deep industry experience ensures that your solutions are both robust and innovative. Rely on our global network and local team of experts to drive your business forward with holistic insight and strategic precision.

Thomas Dorst

Partner, Financial Services

KPMG Switzerland

Market trends & industry challenges

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

The asset management industry is constantly adapting to an evolving regulatory environment, with new guidelines and reporting requirements emerging globally. 

Process optimization amidst advanced technology development

With the rise of fintech, digital assets and AI, asset managers are faced with integrating advanced technologies. This includes staying ahead of the curve in a technology-driven marketplace, and mitigating cyber threats.

Sustainable investing

With the growing importance of ESG, asset managers must not only recalibrate their strategies to incorporate ESG, but also meet the increasing demand for sustainable investment reporting’s.

Emerging investments

Switzerland is a dynamic and innovative financial center that is constantly evolving to adapt to new market trends and opportunities. Asset managers must remain adaptable and agile to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Our capabilities in Asset Management

  1. Business Consulting Services

    We lead transformation projects that improve portfolio management infrastructures and integrate cutting-edge digital solutions.


    We support you to transform your operating model to increase efficiency, improve decision-making processes and increase customer engagement in a fast-changing digital era.

  1. ESG Consulting Services

    We guide you in aligning assets with sustainable practices and ensure that your investments meet the highest standards of social responsibility and environmental protection, responding to the increasing demand for sustainable investment options.

  1. Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Consulting Services

    Our in-depth knowledge of the evolving regulatory environment in Switzerland, the EU and the UK will keep your business one step ahead of regulatory change.


    We offer advanced solutions that not only respond to current compliance requirements, but also anticipate future changes.

  1. Deal Advisory Services

    Rapid regulatory change, cost- and efficiency considerations as well as retirement and succession planning are just some of the considerations that drive asset managers to restructure or consolidate.


    Our Deal Advisory Services focus on assisting companies with necessary reorganizations and mergers to ensure strategic alignment.

  1. Tax Consulting

    Navigating the complex tax environment is critical for asset managers.


    Our specialized tax services provide comprehensive strategies and compliance support to optimize tax positions and considerations across asset classes.

  1. Audit & Assurance

    In the asset management industry, reliable audit and assurance are essential.


    Our services ensure that financial statements, capital requirements and business processes meet strict standards and regulatory provisions.

Our thought leadership and research


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CEO Outlook for Asset Managers

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