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Business transformation

Tailored solutions for navigating challenges and driving success on your business transformation journey.

A successful transformation is a fundamental shift in the way an organization does business that spans departments, functions, and business units, and delivers significant company-wide improvements.

Embarking on a journey of business transformation presents numerous challenges for organizations striving to stay competitive in today's dynamic market. At KPMG, we understand the complexity of these challenges and offer specialized services to address them head-on.

From navigating the complexities of digital transformation to managing organizational change effectively, our strategic consulting provides tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. We specialize in guiding clients through the complexity of change management and innovation, ensuring seamless process optimization and technology integration.

With a focus on enterprise agility and transformational leadership, we help clients tackle the hurdles of business process reengineering and performance improvement. Our expertise in organizational development and strategy execution equips clients with the tools needed to overcome obstacles and drive business innovation.  

Unlocking insights: addressing market trends and challenges

The top objective for business transformation is to create value: Improve business performance (ROI) and grow market share.

But what are the hurdles in the process? KPMG surveyed both top leaders and middle managers to get their insights on the opportunities and challenges on business transformation today.

The top three challenges when implementing transformation in an organization are the following:

Increased complexity and intensity

By definition, a transformation involves a significant change — the digitization of a critical process, adopting a new go-to-market model, or modernizing a support function. Today, large corporations typically undertake multiple transformations simultaneously.

In our executive survey, two thirds of respondents said that there are typically three or more transformation programs running simultaneously in their organizations. Sixty percent say that transformation has become continuous or nearly so.

Technological capability gaps

Across industries, top leaders in the survey said that proper alignment of people and capabilities is the most important factor in a successful transformation. However, they also acknowledge the challenges of getting the right people and the right technology in place.

In our recent survey on how executives expect to adopt generative AI — a technology that is bound to play leading role in future transformations — only 22 percent of executives said that they were confident that their company has the right technology and data infrastructure for generative AI, and 15 percent felt their company has the right people in place to integrate generative AI into the business.

Managing execution risks

Executives and middle managers agree that execution risk is growing in transformations. Loss of momentum remains a top threat.

The focus of top leaders is diverted from the transformation by other priorities, especially when there is turnover at the top. When focus shifts away, leaders lose credibility with managers and staff. That adds to the people and culture challenges that undermine transformation.

Leaders need to be steadfast and stay visibly committed through their actions and words to the change. Get more insights in the new transformation agenda.

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Our business transformation solutions

  1. Deal Advisory

    Our deal advisory team assists you end-to-end or during specific phases of the transaction. From the evaluation of strategic options, valuations, search for fitting buyers or target-business, we also coordinate legal and tax aspects, as well as financial due diligence.

    We leverage our global network and industry know-how for successful transactions.

  1. Management consulting

    Unlock the potential of your business with our comprehensive suite of technology-enabled solutions.

    Our experts cover a wide array of topics incl. digital transformation, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, change management strategies, finance & HR transformation, procurement, sustainable supply chain and ESG initiatives. 

  1. Cyber & Digital Trust consulting

    Digital technologies play a significant role in our daily lives, influencing and facilitating nearly all economic, social, and institutional activities.

    Building trust in these technologies is crucial for attracting and retaining customers who use our products and services, thus expanding our customer base.

  1. KPMG Powered Enterprise

    Technology can transform the way business is done today, from strategy to delivery. By using new and emerging technologies, you can maintain the competitive edge and succeed in your digital transformation journey.

  1. KPMG Connected Enterprise

    Today’s customer is more informed and discerning than ever before, making it essential for businesses to prioritize customer-centricity if they want to thrive in the digital age. After all, customer touch points and services are being delivered more and more through digital platforms.

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