Life Sciences

Our global network empowers pharma and biotech leaders to make better business decisions.

The Life Sciences industry operates in a shifting global ecosystem.

Innovation - driven by data and technology - is essential to driving progress and bringing medical breakthroughs to patients around the world.

Disruptive market entrants, niche startups and major global actors all have their part to play in delivering value for all stakeholders. 

But what does that mean in a global landscape shaped by demographic shifts, regulatory change, cost pressure, privacy concerns, breakthrough medical advances, evolving commercial models and growing demand?

KPMG’s global network of Life Sciences professionals understand the megatrends affecting the industry. We draw on our experience and expertise to guide leaders in the Life Sciences industry and empower better business.

Martin Rohrbach

Partner, Head Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services (IARCS), Sector Head Life Sciences

KPMG Switzerland

Our services

Enterprise & Portfolio Strategy

  • Growth & Portfolio Strategy: Discover avenues for sustainable growth by optimizing portfolio performance and strategically balancing investments
  • Licensing & Partnering Strategy: Maximize value and potential by connecting with partners interested in internal projects
  • Asset Valuation and Commercial Due Diligence: Determine the true value of a project by assessing its associated risks and synergies to facilitate informed decision-making

Commercial Strategy

  • Go-to-market and launch strategy: Determine an approach to capitalize on healthcare markets while maximizing launch trajectory
  • Pricing & market access strategy: Ensure the highest possible pricing and reimbursement opportunities across international markets
  • Competitive intelligence, market positioning & forecasting: Optimize the competitive positioning of your product by harnessing market events and trends

Operational Strategy

  • Operating model strategy: Develop the ideal operating model ensuring comprehensive end-to-end transformation across all functions
  • Innovation & ESG strategy: Implement cutting-edge business models and technologies to enhance impact and become leader in ESG initiatives
  • Breakthrough performance improvement: Achieve dramatic performance improvements and create opportunities for future investments for long-term growth

Digital Trans-formation

Digital & IT Strategy

Our KPMG Digital Transformation team supports clients with the entire IT life cycle from strategy creation to technology and supplier selection, contracting, designing target organizations and technology implementation.

IT Sourcing & Transformation

We create value by leveraging our capabilities and knowhow in development activities, operations and commercial activities and integrating the patient needs when implementing technology.

Digital & IT Transformation

Our dedicated team of transformation experts can make your digital transformation programme a vital business asset, through the framing, discovery, design, and implementation of an IT Strategy, as well as setting up and executing a digital transformation programme.

Powered Enterprise

KPMG Target Operating Model

  • Shape how transformation plays through every layer of your organization.
  • Ensure you gain maximum benefit from your technology platform, simplify organizational challenges and choose the most efficient path to achieve your functional goals by using KPMG leading practice pre-configured on the platform of your choice.

KPMG Powered Execution Suite

  • Achieve transformation value faster with reduced program risk.
  • Access an integrated platform of next generation tools and methods to help deliver functional transformation. Take the complexity out of implementation and unlock value faster with reduced risk.

KPMG Powered Evolution

  • Adopt a platform and approach that drives continuing evolution and innovation.
  • Use specialized on-demand services to drive continuing evolution and innovation. Keeping pace with the latest developments in technology and leading practice allows you to make transformation a way of business.

Sustainability Strategy

Developing a clear sustainability strategy that aligns with your overall business goals and objectives, and identifying key ESG priorities whenever you are a development stage company or an established pharma player.

ESG Reporting and Compliance

Developing ESG reporting and compliance frameworks to ensure that the firm is meeting regulatory requirements and disclosing relevant ESG data to stakeholders including achieving and maintaining compliance with partner frameworks.

ESG Performance Management incl. readiness assement

Implementing processes to manage and improve ESG performance, including setting targets, tracking progress, and reporting results.

Pillar One: Profit Allocation and Nexus

  • Aligns taxing rights more closely with local market engagement and departs from using physical presence as a nexus.
  • Understanding and preparing for the potential changes to profit allocation and nexus rules, including new thresholds for taxation in market jurisdictions.

Pillar Two: Global minimum tax rate and other measures

  • Pillar Two is relevant for groups that have reported annual revenues of EUR 750 million or more in their consolidated financial statements in at least two of the four preceding fiscal years. If your group does not meet the threshold, you should still check – based on the ownership structure – that the group does not belong to a larger group with an obligation to consolidate (e.g. a family office, foundation, etc.).
  • We help you determine pilot countries/entities for data mapping and perform an initial high-level impact calculation using the KPMG BEPS 2.0 Model if appropriate.

Our thinking

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