Technology solutions with strategic alliances

With an ecosystem of leading tech, data and services companies we offer smart services.

Advances in disruptive technologies are dramatically changing the way business is done.

Organizations use new and emerging technologies to keep their competitive advantage and succeed on their path of digital transformation. Continued success means being more flexible and cost-effective, better connected and better informed.

Our global alliance network

One or more KPMG member firms participate in alliances with the following companies. Here's a selection:

Constant change creates new challenges

To help you navigate this continued disruption, we collaborate with an ecosystem of the world’s leading players in tech, data and services to develop smart technology-based solutions and services to help you gain competitive advantages.

Together with our alliance partners, we deliver global reach, value and a combined portfolio of capabilities and solutions designed to help solve the most pressing challenges including cloud transformation, blockchain and the mobile economy, cognitive and digital labor, cyber security, data and analytics, and regulatory change.

Agile solutions with digital excellence

Stronger together – with our strategic alliance partners our teams deliver:

  • A broad range of services and solutions through expanded product offerings with a ROI that demonstrates the value of your technology investment
  • Innovative and scalable services and solutions based on the latest technology
  • Services and solutions you can trust from a technology, risk, compliance and security standpoint

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.

Meet our expert

Stephan Erdmann
Stephan Erdmann

Director, Head of Marketing, Alliance Management and Ignition

KPMG Switzerland

Eric Saez
Eric Saez

Senior Manager, Lighthouse & Alliance Management

KPMG Switzerland

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