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A guide to the roles, trends, and insights for modern board members.

Becoming a board member is a prestigious milestone in any professional's career, symbolizing a pinnacle of achievement, leadership, and influence. 

However, the path is fraught with unique challenges and responsibilities that require not only keen business insight but also a profound understanding of governance, ethics, and strategic foresight.

Board members are often leading the way, navigating complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring financial integrity, and driving long-term value for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Understanding current trends is crucial for board members aiming to guide their organizations toward sustainable success.

Unlocking insights: addressing market trends and challenges

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and shifting societal expectations, board members must also stay abreast of mega trends. 

KPMG, a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax, Legal and Advisory services, identifies several such trends impacting governance and business strategies globally. 

These include the acceleration of digital transformation, increasing focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and the evolving nature of global economic power dynamics.

Toward trusted AI

Amid rapid developments in the AI space – from both a technological and regulatory perspective – the board plays a critical role in enabling progress while managing risk and compliance.

How to best safeguard you company?

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ESG Governance

Companies’ stakeholders demand greater accountability and transparency from businesses as to their impact on society and environment. Investors hold companies and their boards responsible.

How does a robust ESG Governance look like?

Audit Committee Institute

Why AI is a must in Auditing

AI is reshaping the auditing process, marking the beginning of a new era. With the deployment of Big Data and AI, changes in the industry are not just predicted but have already become a reality. This article highlights the key developments and demonstrates how AI is already shaping the future of auditing today.

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Burning topics for boards to keep in mind as they consider and carry out their 2024 agendas.


Interview with Philomena Colatrella

From the vision of a digital Switzerland to the specific issues facing the healthcare sector – in an exclusive interview with Philomena Colatrella, CEO of CSS.


Do board members have employee rights?

Under certain circumstances board members may be classified as employees, leading to various legal implications.

The crucial role of data governance

As AI's transformative journey continues, organizations should focus on data quality, good governance, and trust.

Our capabilities

  1. Your Career as a Board Member

    Excelling as a board member is both an honor and a substantial responsibility that can significantly propel your career forward.

    This section will explore how to leverage your position for professional growth, build your reputation in the boardroom, and make impactful contributions that go beyond the boardroom.

  1. Setting the Board Agenda

    The board agenda plays a pivotal role in guiding discussions that shape the future of the organization.

    We will dissect how strategic planning, priority setting, and timely execution on the agenda can facilitate meaningful decision-making and drive the organization's success.

  1. Board Building Strategies

    Creating a cohesive and effective board is not a matter of chance.

    This segment will offer insights into selecting the right mix of skills, experiences, and personalities to construct a board poised for resilience and innovativeness in the face of change.

  1. The Role and Impact of Board Committees

    Board committees are the backbone of a well-functioning board, focusing on critical areas such as audit, risk, and governance.

    We will highlight how these committees operate within the larger board ecosystem, contributing to streamlined governance and enhanced accountability.

  1. Fostering Board Communities

    The strength of a board lies not just in formal meetings but in fostering a community of expertise and shared values.

    This section aims to illuminate the importance of building strong relationships and networks within and beyond the board to enhance collaboration and impact.

  1. Hot Topics for Board Members

    Staying ahead of the curve is essential for board members.

    Here, we'll cover the latest hot topics, including cybersecurity, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, and stakeholder engagement, providing you with the insights needed to address current and future challenges head-on.

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This guide explores the multifaceted role of board members, covering trends, leadership insights, and strategies for effective governance and impactful contribution in today's dynamic environment.

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