Tax consulting

We help our clients manage tax, remain compliant and drive transformation.

Today’s shifting tax landscape coincides with wider changes like new ways of working, a focus on sustainability and widespread adoption of disruptive technology

These trends are forcing tax advisors to focus on transformation as the topic evolves beyond compliance. We believe that with the right strategy and focus, tax can serve as an enabler and accelerator of change.

Tax transcends industries, legal forms and borders. KPMG’s tax experts teams specialize in different tax disciplines yet work together – within Switzerland and the international KPMG network – to deliver integrated, tech-enabled tax services you can trust. 

Familiar with cantonal, federal and international tax laws and practices, we support corporate and private clients effectively with all their tax needs. 

KPMG engages actively in the tax discourse and, as a Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants, enjoys strong professional relationships with federal and cantonal tax authorities. As your trusted tax partner, we are committed to using our insights, experience and expertise to help shape the future of tax.

Unlocking insights: addressing market trends and challenges

Are you ready for BEPS Pillar Two?

With the OECD minimum tax applicable in Switzerland from January 2024,  MNEs are exploring unchartered territory. They need guidance on technology, Model Rules interpretation and best practices.

Does your transfer pricing stand up to scrutiny?

Trends like digitalization, new business models and transparency have made transfer pricing highly complex. But they are also an opportunity to mitigate risk, lower cost and increase efficiency .

How do you make tax a success factor in transactions?

Tax and transactions go hand in hand: from the initial methodology to the structuring process to due diligence and final implementation. Companies should consider this critical aspect from an early stage.

Could you do more with – and for – your mobile workforce?

An empowered, incentivized and compliant mobile workforce is a valuable asset for any group that operates across borders. To manage the related tasks, you need expertise, tools and technology.

Our capabilities

Direct Tax

International Corporate Tax

Corporate taxes form a key part of financial corporate governance. A sound business strategy needs to include tax planning.

Direct Tax

Tax accounting

Tax accounting enables transparency, governance and trust. Our specialists provide guidance, analysis and assurance for financial reporting.

Direct Tax

Transfer Pricing Services

Optimize transfer pricing with KPMG's expertise. From health checks to dispute resolution, our Global Transfer Pricing Services use cutting-edge methods for efficient solutions.

Direct Tax

Tax consulting in M&A

Taxes play a key role at every stage of a transaction. KPMG is your partner.

Indirect Tax

Indirect Tax

We assist you with the customization of existing technology and managing interfaces.

Indirect Tax

Global Trade & Customs

Services that help companies keep pace with today's complex trade regulations—while making the most of global opportunities.

Indirect Tax

ESG in tax

We help you incorporate taxes into your ESG strategy, complement your ESG goals and improve your financial performance.

People Services

Global Mobility Services

Aligning our thinking to your talent management objectives, we can support you with the planning and management of your international workforce.

People Services

Accounting & Payroll Services

We boost your organizational performance.

People Services


Develop and implement a pensions strategy that capitalises on opportunities while mitigating risks.

Tax Strategy & Technology

Tax reporting software «Multishore Tax Reporting»

KPMG Switzerland offers a successful tax compliance technology (MTR) to face numerous international requirements for banks and their clients.

Tax Strategy & Technology

Global Compliance & Transformation

It’s time to reimagine your tax function for the digital age.

Tailored solutions for Private Clients & Industries

  1. Private Clients

    Applying a coordinated approach across relevant jurisdictions, we support you in meeting your tax obligations – in full and on time. 

  1. Real Estate

    Given the high value of real estate assets and the complexity of tax laws, ordinances, directives and practices in Switzerland, real estate investors are cautious when it comes to tax matters. We help you understand the tax consequences of buying, holding or selling real estate .

  1. Financial institutions

    Banks, brokers, insurers and investment managers all require specific tax advice. We know what you as a financial service provider need.

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