Analytics & Data Management consulting

Driving growth with KPMG's analytics and data management expertise.

Combining the latest technology with deep industry insight to transform your business data into an essential asset for innovation and growth. As businesses operate in an increasingly data-driven environment, the challenge isn't just accumulating data, but using it to drive strategic decisions and sustainable growth.

Our comprehensive services enable your organization to effectively manage data complexity, comply with the latest regulatory requirements, and harness the power of advanced analytics. From integrating disparate data sources to delivering predictive insights that pave the way for operational excellence, we can guide you through every step of your data journey.

Explore how our customized solutions can empower your business to not just react to the digital economy but lead it. Partner with us to build a robust data foundation that supports dynamic decision-making and a competitive edge in today's fast-paced marketplace.

Unlocking insights: addressing market trends and challenges

Manage complex data

Today's organizations are overwhelmed with data, making it difficult to manage and derive value from it. Our comprehensive data management and advanced analytics services transform complex data landscapes into structured, insightful assets that drive strategic decisions.

Ensure data compliance

With increasing regulatory demands, organizations must ensure that their data management practices meet global standards. We provide robust compliance and risk management solutions to secure your data and ensure regulatory compliance.

Integrate data systems

Many organizations struggle with disconnected data systems that hinder seamless operations. Our data management solutions integrate various data sources to provide a unified view that improves operational efficiency and decision-making.

Leverage strategic data

Extracting strategic value from data is a significant challenge for many organizations. We empower organizations with advanced analytics to use data for predictive insights and informed decision-making, turning data into a competitive advantage.

Our capabilities

Data Management

KPMG's Data Management solutions allow you to maximize the experience of your data driven journey.

Data Privacy & DPO Support Service

Comply with data protection regulations and provide your DPO (Data Protection Officer) with second-level support in data protection.

Cloud Compliance & Onboarding

Our cloud consulting services enable you to set up a data transfer gateway to the cloud while meeting all onboarding & cloud compliance requirements.

Data Agent Service

Meet regulatory requirements for archiving and managing data affected by a merger, an acquisition or a wind-down.

Advanced Analytics & Data Management

We support you in your data analytics journey to become a truly data-driven company. Shape data strategy, build capabilities, and manage risks.

Deal Technology & Data Analysis

Stay ahead with data-driven analysis made possible by our business intelligence solutions and gain deep insights for your strategic decision-making.

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