Advising companies navigating industry challenges to manage costs.

We assist healthcare organizations that are confronted with new and fast-paced challenges to ensure that current systems are designed as efficient as possible by providing our expertise to guarantee long-term productiveness and profitability. 

Healthcare providers are counting on developing innovative business models, becoming more cost efficient and thinking critically about new delivery systems, all while staying agile with industry trends and developments. 

KPMG has specialized in healthcare topics over an extensive period. Our advisors are accomplished experts with in-depth experience who understand the healthcare environment and challenges up close.

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Our assistance is pragmatic and target-oriented, focusing on the following four areas:

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Financial Leadership

Swiss healthcare institutions are being subjected to intensifying competition. Creating meaningful fundamental information bases and a target-oriented financial leadership is extremely important for the long-term success of healthcare institutions.

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Healthcare organizations are facing multiple challenges, which must be managed on both the cost and revenue side. We support you with tried-and-tested procedures to identify your own potential for cost and revenue optimization.

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Strategy & Transformation

Topics such as demography, an increase in outpatient treatments, and integrated care are increasing the strain on healthcare institutions even further. Healthcare managers are under pressure to find adequate and long-term solutions.

  • Health policy planning
  • Hospital strategy & management structures
  • Hospital transformation
  • Integrated care
  • Real estate management
  • Governance & compliance management
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Digital & Technology Transformation

The growing digitalization in healthcare can be a challenge to traditional business models. It will require the adjustment of processes, patient communication and organization as well as strategies to meet the latest technological requirements.

REKOLE® as accounting standard of hospitals

The Swiss-wide recognized cost accounting standard, REKOLE®, assures that statements on causes can be made at the level of cost centers and that cost units are comparable in order to serve as a management and decision-making tool. We offer coaching, certification, and internal audits for REKOLE®.

  • Determination of the status of your cost accounting and financial management
  • Alignment of the KORE according to the hospital standard and future-oriented expansion to flexible standard or process cost accounting
  • Certification of REKOLE® cost accounting according to H+ rules and recertification after four years
  • Organization and execution of the annual internal REKOLE® audits after receiving the certificate
Cost accounting according to REKOLE

Cost accounting according to REKOLE

Clarity on Healthcare

In this section, you’ll find the latest contributions from our Clarity on Healthcare. Gain insights into upcoming developments in the healthcare industry. We regularly share valuable information, studies, and more.

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We surveyed 48 hospitals and clinics and analyzed their annual reports. Explore the summary of key findings.

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