KPMG offers comprehensive audit and advisory solutions for insurance companies.

The insurance market in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is attractive and therefore highly competitive. 

Reinsurers, property and casualty insurers, health insurers and brokers not only face increasing competitive pressure, but are also confronted with growing regulation, increasing technological demands, specific customer wishes and increased risk management requirements.

KPMG offers comprehensive support in an increasingly complex environment. Our experts, with their many years of experience and in-depth specialist knowledge, help our clients to adapt to market changes, develop their business and position themselves for the future.

In the areas of auditing and consulting, KPMG offers a wide range of services. KPMG also works closely with FINMA and the FMA. We can look back on a long history of success in the insurance market and are your reliable partner for all future challenges.

Thomas Schneider

Partner, Sector Head Insurance

KPMG Switzerland

Market trends & industry challenges

Regulation & Compliance

Insurers face increasing regulation and complex compliance requirements. Continuous compliance and anticipation of future changes are essential.

Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Technology must be used ethically, transparently and in a customer-centric way. The interplay between innovation and risk management is essential for customer and regulatory confidence. 

Risk/Actuarial Transformation

To manage market uncertainties and mitigate new risks, insurers are adapting their risk models and actuarial systems by integrating innovative approaches and technologies.

Integrated care

In order to improve the quality of care and reduce costs, health insurers need to effectively coordinate the providers of care. Collaboration, privacy and incentives are key.

Intermediary oversight

Insurance intermediaries must navigate new compliance and governance requirements to meet regulatory mandates. At the same time, customer needs must be met. 

Market consolidation (M&A)

Regulatory changes and new entrants are driving market consolidation. Insurance institutions must navigate a consolidation environment, act strategically, and manage integration successfully.

Sustainability and ESG

Sustainability and ESG impact long-term profitability and reputation. Risk assessment, product development, data management, and regulation are all relevant.

Our capabilities for Insurances

  1. Business consulting

    We help insurance companies implement transformation projects to improve infrastructure and integrate the latest digital solutions. These initiatives aim to redesign your business model to increase operational efficiency, improve decision making, and enhance customer engagement in a rapidly changing digital world.

  1. ESG consulting

    We can help your insurance company integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its business strategy and risk management. This not only promotes compliance with sustainability standards, but also positions your company as a leader in sustainable development.

  1. Legal, Regulatory and Compliance consulting

    In the ever-changing regulatory landscape of the insurance industry, we apply our expertise to ensure that your company remains compliant. We can help you not only meet current regulatory requirements, but also proactively prepare for future regulatory developments.

  1. Risk & Treasury Consulting Services

    Optimize your risk and treasury management for financial stability and resilience. Our tailor-made solutions minimize risks and optimize liquidity and capital structure. Rely on our expertise to improve your financial performance and gain a competitive edge.

  1. Accounting Advisory Services

    We are a recognized market leader in providing financial institutions with expertise in accounting for financial products and capital market transactions. Our experts support you in all matters relating to accounting and financial reporting.

  1. Deal Advisory Services

    The insurance industry is facing challenges such as regulatory changes, cost and efficiency pressures and succession issues. Our Deal Advisory Services can help you with the necessary restructuring to secure your long-term strategic direction and competitiveness.

  1. Tax consulting

    The complex tax environment is a particular challenge for insurers. Our specialized tax services provide tailored strategies and compliance support to help you manage tax burdens efficiently and take advantage of strategic tax benefits.

  1. Audit & Assurance

    We provide audit and assurance services that ensure your financial reporting and operational processes meet the highest standards. Our services build confidence in your insurance company's integrity and help you comply with regulatory requirements.

  1. Actuarial & Risk Management

    Our team supports insurance institutions in the assessment and further development of risk models, reviews tariff systems and reserve reviews.

Our thought leadership and research

KPMG’s Center for Insurance Regulation

The competence center for all topics relating to insurance regulation in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

KPMG 2023 Insurance CEO Outlook

Insurers are facing up to change and mastering the economic challenges.

ESG in insurance: Insured emissions

Insurers have a role to play in the net-zero transition.

Data protection for insurers

Data protection is in the public eye more than ever. Do you have everything under control? 

Trusted AI – Maturity Assessment

Your self-assessment on the topic of trustworthy AI.

Trusted AI - Digital Innovation

The generative AI landscape is developing rapidly and companies are facing an unregulated "Wild West".

Stricter supervision of intermediaries

The partially revised Insurance Supervision Act aims to strengthen consumer protection through new licensing and conduct rules for insurance intermediaries. 

«Berne Financial Services Agreement»

New financial services agreement with the United Kingdom - areas of action for insurers (PDF in German).

ESG Health-Check

The following ESG Health Check provides you with an overview of your company's level of maturity in implementing ESG issues (Survey in German).

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Thomas Schneider

Partner, Sector Head Insurance

KPMG Switzerland

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