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Unlocking insights: addressing market trends and challenges

With the advancement of digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity is constantly changing. This has led to a rise in complex cyber threats like ransomware and phishing attacks that are becoming more common.

The transition to cloud platforms by businesses, along with the quick integration of 5G networks, adds complexity to the situation. It is important to have strong security measures in place.

Identifying risks and creating a plan to manage them is crucial. This helps prevent data breaches and handle cyber attacks effectively. In this scenario, effective risk management is essential to protect valuable assets and information. 

AI-Driven Cybersecurity Evolution

The increasing influence of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity introduces new challenges. 

AI-powered cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, leveraging machine learning algorithms to evade traditional defense mechanisms and launch highly targeted attacks. 

Our article “How AI influences cybersecurity” shed light on utilizing AI for detecting complex threats and automating response strategies, thus revolutionizing traditional cybersecurity approaches.

Whistleblower Protections and Triage

The increasing volume and complexity of whistleblowing alerts poses a significant challenge for organizations. Effectively handling and prioritizing a vast number of alerts is vital for quickly identifying and examining possible cases of misconduct. 

However, the sheer volume of alerts can overwhelm compliance teams, causing delays and possibly overlooking critical issues.

Implementing efficient triage processes and leveraging technology solutions to prioritize and streamline whistleblowing alerts is essential to mitigate risks and maintain organizational integrity.

Rising figures in white-collar crimes

Data reveals an alarming increase in white-collar crimes across Switzerland, prompting a call for reinforced safeguarding measures. Financial fraud, corruption, and other white-collar crimes continue to proliferate, resulting in significant financial losses and reputational damage for organizations.

Addressing this challenge requires a multifaceted approach, including robust compliance programs, enhanced regulatory oversight, and effective enforcement mechanisms to deter and detect illicit activities.

Our thought leadership and research


How AI influences cybersecurity

Discover how AI and ML are revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry and learn how these tools can be used to detect and respond to security threats.

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Why companies benefit from employing external forensics experts

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In an interview, Cindy Hofmann explains how white-collar crime has changed in Switzerland and what companies can do about it.

«The more regulated an industry, the more cases occur.»

Cristina Ferraris Gloor explains in an interview how companies can prevent white-collar crime from happening within their own ranks.

Rising figures in white-collar crimes across Switzerland

KPMG Fraud Barometer summarizes the most important figures and insights.

Cybersecurity: a consolidation opportunity with particular challenges

The market of cybersecurity providers will consolidate in the near future, but there are particular challenges involved.

Triage of whistleblowing alerts: a growing challenge

Whistleblowing alerts increasingly necessitate prompt and qualitative triage to comply with regulations and maintain employees’ trust.

Whistleblowing – the leading fraud detection source

The Forensic Fraud Barometer reveals Swiss firms need to embrace whistleblowing measures in detecting and preventing white-collar crime.

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