Develop and implement a pensions strategy that capitalises on opportunities.

Pensions can represent a large and complex financial risk to the companies that provide them.

Our experts understand this and will work with you to simplify and explain these risks. By combining the technical expertise of a traditional actuarial firm with KPMG’s wider business expertise, we bring a broader approach to pensions advice, supporting you with creating and managing tailored solutions for your pension plan.

With our expert advice and proven track record, our team of internationally qualified pensions specialists (Swiss, UK and US actuarial designations) can help you manage your pension arrangements.

KPMG’s expertise

Pensions accounting

International accounting standards IFRS (IAS19) and US GAAP (ASC715) require defined benefit accounting for all Swiss pension plans as well as other long-term employee benefits such as long-service jubilee awards, end-of-service awards, post-retirement medical benefits, etc. Our pensions specialists are qualified actuaries experienced in performing such valuations.

As a global professional services firm, we have extensive exposure to local and international market practice in the setting of actuarial assumptions, interpreting accounting requirements and determining appropriate treatments for non-standard events.

Benefit design

When designing or re-designing employee benefit arrangements, a number of issues must be considered including: the ongoing cost to the company and employee; the target level of benefits; the complexity of the benefit; differences for various employee categories, and legal requirements.

We help companies design or re-design their benefit arrangements from the analysis and assessment of design options to the implementation and effective communication of any changes to employees.

Transactions and restructuring support

Our specialists understand the risks and opportunities associated with pension arrangements in the context of corporate restructuring, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions.

We frequently work with buyers and sellers in due diligence exercises and provide strategic support on pricing and positioning either as a part of one of KPMG’s multidisciplinary teams or in stand-alone engagements.

Ad-hoc projects

We also support clients in ad-hoc pensions projects depending on their specific needs such as:

  • Quantifying and influencing the level of future cash demands on the business
  • Carrying out the review of pension governance in decentralised groups
  • Providing educational support to staff taking on new roles

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Meet our expert

Graham Middleton

Partner, Head of Pensions

KPMG Switzerland