Finance Strategy & Transformation

Your trusted partner for challenging finance transformation journeys.

Complexity and cost pressures are increasingly important challenges, as is the need to innovate and compete in the market. Our Finance Strategy & Transformation team is your trusted partner to help you create value, thrive, and evolve sustainably. 

You can count on us to guide and support you through any finance transformational journey. We are there for you from start to finish and beyond. No matter what industry you are in, you will be supported by the best finance professionals with the experience in complex transformation projects.

You can ask us about:

  • End-to-end transformations of Finance through process optimization and technology,
  • Future of your Finance function and the best operating model for it,
  • How to sustainably deliver finance,
  • How to become the catalyst for the Finance leaders of the future.

Our experts stay on top of the latest trends and work closely with innovative technology providers to drive and empower change through next-gen solutions.

Thomas Oschlisniok

Partner, Head of Business Services Transformation

KPMG Switzerland

Marcin Jakubowski

Partner, Business Services Transformation

KPMG Switzerland

Why KPMG services?

  1. Customized finance strategy

    Our Finance Strategy offering provides customized benchmarks, evaluates improvement initiatives, develops transformation roadmaps, and performs business case analysis.

  1. End-to-end process optimization

    We optimize end-to-end financial processes such as P2P, O2C, and R2R. We also assist in the creation of meaningful process documentations and implement and improve internal control frameworks.

  1. Efficiency through technology

    Technology helps make finance more efficient. We help our clients identify and implement sustainable technology solutions and automate complex financial processes through robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

  1. Finance organization transformation

    We define for our clients suitable Finance organization models, help them centralize structures and processes through Shared Service Centres and Business Process Outsourcing.

  1. Finance talents of tomorrow

    We collaborate closely with our HR experts to help finance organizations define relevant role profiles, create job descriptions, and enable business partnering.

  1. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

    EPM is the key growth driver for finance today. We support our clients drive growth by designing and optimizing planning, budgeting, consolidation and reporting processes. We also identify, implement, and improve related systems.

Understanding client struggles & addressing key pain points

Constant cost pressure

How do you reduce finance costs without compromising quality? Clients face budget constraints and need cost-effective solutions. We can help you streamline processes, identify cost-cutting opportunities, and improve delivery quality. 

Increased complexity

How do you efficiently manage intricate finance processes? Clients often struggle with complex tasks, workflows, and systems. We help simplify complexity, streamline operations, and provide clear guidance. 

Need for upskilling

How do you stay current in a rapidly changing landscape? Clients often struggle to keep up with evolving technologies and skills. Our services offer training, resources, and mentorship for continuous learning.

Complex technology

How do you ensure operational technology? Clients must navigate technologies that are increasingly difficult to operate and require specialized knowledge and skills. We translate technical intricacies into an understandable language and support the end-to-end implementation and integration of complex finance solutions into your day-today operations.

Value creation by finance

How can the finance function best contribute to value creation and cost savings? Our clients are struggling to adapt to demographic shifts, technological innovation, and corporate social responsibility. We empower organizations by providing strategic insight and innovative frameworks for their finance functions to drive value creation.

Navigating success: our proven approach

With KPMG Powered Methodology, we provide a six-step approach to help you effectively transform your finance function.

  1. Define strategy

    We define the finance roadmap and evaluate optimization measures within a business case. We conduct strategy workshops and assess maturity through our benchmarking capability. We help our clients define the future finance vision and prepare them for complex transformations.

  2. Review processes

    We review current and define future processes. We focus on documenting, standardizing, accelerating, and digitizing processes. These steps help our clients achieve the highest optimization potential.

  3. Assess technology

    We review your finance technology landscape and offer next-generation tools to speed up your processes, reduce errors, and free up staff capacity. We work closely together with numerous vendors.

  4. Define organization

    We align our clients’ organizational structures by discovering their reorganization. We work with our clients to identify local process improvements in legal entities, to bundle processes in central service units (SSC/GBS), or to manage an effective handover to external service providers (BPO).

  5. Enable workforce

    Clients benefit from our support in the area of Finance Workforce Enablement. We support them in creating relevant, future-proof role profiles, outline job descriptions and provide guidance on talent development by deriving tailored training agendas.

  6. Embedding Enterprise Performance Management

    We identify EPM pain points and integrate processes, technology, and people. We help clients plan with business drivers by leveraging innovative solutions. Our tools are natively integrated with core financial and consolidation systems.

Successes and partnerships that define our services


With our financial expertise, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge technology, we are working with Board International to help with their digital transformation.


KPMG and Anaplan combine expertise and experience in Enterprise Performance Management to help clients implement a state-of-the-art planning solution for rapid and sustainable decision making.

Partnering for success: submit your interests & open questions

At KPMG you get the attention you deserve. We strive to be your trusted advisor on your end-to-end Finance transformation journey. Our experts are here for you to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to reach out!

Meet our experts

Thomas Oschlisniok

Partner, Head of Business Services Transformation

KPMG Switzerland

Marcin Jakubowski

Partner, Business Services Transformation

KPMG Switzerland