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Outcome-driven and technology-enhanced transformation enabled by KPMG Powered Enterprise.

Transform your business functions

Technology can transform the way business is done today, from strategy to delivery. By using new and emerging technologies, you can maintain the competitive edge and succeed in your digital transformation journey.

At the same time, maintaining outdated and disparate technologies, processes and service models can hold you back and make it really difficult to achieve your strategic goals.

Critical questions for a successful digital transformation

  • Are our business functions primarily manual and operating at a slower pace due to siloed structures?
  • Does our technology effectively support desired behaviors?
  • Does our current technology hinder progress?
  • Is legacy technology potentially a source of revenue leakage?
  • Can data-driven insights and analytics be leveraged to create more value?
  • What factors do we need to consider in order to succeed or learn from the past?

Our transformation solution for sustainable change

Powered Enterprise provides you with three integrated elements for transformational success. These include KPMG’s Target Operating Model, Powered Technology and Powered Evolution.

Together they can make your business more responsive, resilient, and competitive.

Explore how we ensure a successful Powered Enterprise business transformation: KPMG Powered Execution Suite

Powered Enterprise: Areas of implementation

Our Powered Methodology is integral to every service delivery.

We use pre-built digital assets, tailored technology and functional expertise to achieve comprehensive business-wide digital transformation. Powered Enterprise provides us with all elements to ensure lasting transformational success.

Finance & HR Transformation

From strategy to implementation, we assist Finance and HR leaders in transforming their functions. With Powered Enterprise we support companies in designing efficient, service-oriented operating models to shape the function of the future.

> Finance & HR Transformation

Digital Transformation

Our dedicated digital transformation team enhances the strategic value of your IT investments across the entire IT lifecycle, powered by in-depth knowledge and our robust methodology  Powered Enterprise.

> Digital Transformation

Data & Analytics

Become a truly data-driven company. With Powered Enterprise we help you define a data strategy, build data capabilities, scale and monetize Data and AI, and implement data governance.

> Analytics & Data Management

Supply Chain Management

Agile, resilient, and transparent supply chains are key factors in a company’s success. We offer end-to-end support for optimization using technology-driven methodologies like Powered Enterprise.

> Supply Chain Management

Cyber Security

Make cyber security a part of your day-to-day business. With our proven Powered Enterprise methodology we help you design a secure IT enterprise architecture and implement a comprehensive framework to ensure rapid reduction of cyber security risks for your organization. 

> Cyber Security

Risk Management

We help you build a structural and sustainable risk and compliance management environment. Leveraging our industry expertise, we use the Powered Enterprise delivery methodology and solutions to facilitate effective risk transformation.

> Risk Management

Technology solutions

Business transformation enabled by SAP

Comprehensive solutions and advice to optimize business processes in the area of finance, supply chain, HR and procurement with SAP technologies.

Microsoft Business Solutions

Building a digital future through the latest generation of business applications from Microsoft.

Take a different approach to transformation

KPMG Powered Enterprise can help you:

  • Transform the way you run your business
  • Help your people to develop the capability to adopt and embrace change
  • Build and evolve agile functions that meet your changing needs
  • Make the most of new technology and innovations to deliver greater value and boost performance
  • Power continuous improvement and development to drive future success through managed services
  • Increase competitiveness by optimizing service delivery and data management

Delivering Powered Enterprise with agility

Agility is embedded in our Powered Enterprise transformation approach. For us, agility is both a mindset but also a way of delivering transformation.

Developing business capabilities in an iterative way gives you the agility when encountering change, and to focus on new sources of value, as you travel along your transformation journey. Our agile approach can help amplify the speed, scale and value of your transformation.

Connected. Powered. Trusted. Elevate.

Connected. Powered. Trusted. Elevate. is the comprehensive KPMG suite of business transformation solutions that guide clients towards a more productive and sustainable future. These solutions are tailored to address various client challenges and different aspects of a business or operating model. Each solution offers rich insights and is underpinned by our leading transformation methodology.

As a company, we are committed to driving change and fostering innovation throughout the digital landscape, empowering businesses to achieve operational excellence and thrive in the age of digital transformation.

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Contact our experts

KPMG Powered Enterprise offers tailored solutions, for better outcomes, across every business function. Contact our function-focused experts for more information.

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