KPMG Powered Evolution

Driving continuous evolution and innovation in your functional transformation journey.

How Powered Evolution helps you

Powered Evolution is a core element of our functional transformation solution Powered Enterprise. We provide managed services to help you drive continuous improvement based on the latest innovations in technology.

Our services range from developing a governance framework that convinces leadership and stakeholders alike, to adjusting Enterprise Resource Planning software and automating processes in your operations management. Our managed services are organized into three key areas, tailored to your unique needs:

  • Base Services: our suite of services includes case management, quarterly update support, patch management, knowledge management, service desk support, operations management and testing. These foundational elements provide stability and efficiency to your business processes and framework.
  • Enrichment Services: embrace agility with configuration changes, development & enhancements, security & controls, data integration, interface services and report writing. These services empower you to fine-tune your IT service needs.
  • Governance: our governance framework includes release planning and management, change management and reporting. This ensures your compliance, coordination and control throughout your business transformation.

Skills for successful transformations

KPMG's cross-functional team of skilled experts, working in member firms around the world, stand ready to deliver forward-thinking and strategic insights, whether for automation, ERP systems, infrastructure or logistics. These experts include but are not limited to:

  • Platform and function-specific talent: professionals with in-depth expertise in various platforms and specialized functions.
  • Client service managers: dedicated managers to ensure your needs are understood and effectively taken into account.
  • IT architects: crafting an effective Target Operating Model and solutions that align with your vision and strategy.
  • Governance architects: implement robust IT governance structures for sustained success.
  • Release management resources: orchestrating seamless transitions and enhancements.
  • Developers and configuration specialists: customizing new technologies that align with your business goals.
  • Technical resources: experts to navigate complex technical landscapes.
  • Testing resources: ensure your systems function flawlessly in real-world scenarios.

Maximize your value

Your journey doesn't end with the implementation of your functional transformation, it's only the beginning. To extract the maximum value from your investments, a commitment to continuous adaptation is crucial.

Powered Evolution empowers you with a dynamic blend of data-driven skills and cloud-based resources, enabling you to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. Our approach goes beyond traditional IT-centric transformations, as we understand the interplay between processes and technology and the impact each has on the other.

Embrace evolution with KPMG

Incorporating cutting-edge strategies and leveraging the latest technology, Powered Evolution propels your business toward sustainable success.

Whether it's managing and optimizing IT and corporate governance or seizing new opportunities, our approach is finely tuned to meet your evolving needs. In an era of constant change, Powered Evolution will enable you to deliver tangible and lasting value that will propel your organization into the future you want to see.

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KPMG Powered Enterprise offers tailored solutions, for better outcomes, across every business function. Contact our function-focused experts for more information.

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