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Secure your competitive advantage with our Powered Technology solutions.

Powered Technology is a core element of our functional transformation solution Powered Enterprise. It is built to successfully navigate through your digital transformation journey by leveraging new and emerging technologies to maintain a competitive advantage.

Working with the world’s leading SaaS companies allows us to implement pre-built technology tools and methods and incorporate AI-powered and advanced automation to simplify functional transformation.

Powered Technology

Leveraging advanced and emerging technologies with a business-first approach

With our ongoing investment in advanced technology and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and cloud-based technology, we have compiled a suite of digital solutions to achieve greater value and reduce risks for our clients. With experience gained from numerous functional transformation projects, KPMG experts can help transform your organization into a powered enterprise of the future.

Drawing from KPMG firms’ leading practice knowledge of functional processes, delivery methodologies, operating models and in-depth industry experience, the distinctive approach delivers digital transformation with a business-first perspective.

Cloud solutions

Connecting with cloud providers through Powered Technology

Through KPMG Powered Technology, we have established alliances with many of the world’s leading cloud service providers.

The Target Operating Model, which is central to KPMG Powered Enterprise, is pre-configured to interconnect with your cloud platform of choice and gives you immediate access to a multitude of digital leading practice capabilities.

Stay agile and up-to-date with our leading practice enabled through the cloud’s evergreen release cycle of continuous improvements and enhancements. This helps ensure that your organization is constantly evolving with data-driven insights, innovation and agility.



SaaS platforms

Augmenting SaaS platforms with Powered Technology

Powered Technology goes beyond cloud-based product implementation. It includes a suite of digital solutions that leverage advanced and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and data & analytics. These solutions are designed to fuel your organization’s operational efficiency, resulting in increased performance, more in-depth insights and faster value creation.

As you embark on your transformation journey, it can be challenging to know in which scenarios the appropriate solutions need to be applied in alignment with your functional processes. Taking a business-first approach to optimization and transformation, the process engineering will be performed in advance. A significant amount of digital use cases have been developed that demonstrate how to enhance specific process areas, using the right solutions. This helps reduce risk and maximize the impact of your Powered solution.

Our Powered Technology experts work closely with you to align use cases, each involving digital capabilities categorized into five areas of digital enablement. This collaboration aims to enhance and streamline optimize processes within your function. These use cases draw from a collection of examples and leverage advanced technologies such as cloud-based solution and data analytics to drive innovation and efficiency at the corporate level. The five categories are:

  • Interaction: improving employee experience with technology and data
  • Automation: optimizing and automating business processes and transactions
  • Intelligence: generating data insights and data visualization through advanced analysis
  • Information: capturing and processing data across the enterprise
  • Environment: working with your cloud systems and applications with supporting infrastructure

Technology implementation

Accelerating implementation through Powered Technology

For organizations to meet market demands, they should have the ability to adapt to technological advancements and speed up implementation. We have developed an array of services that provide enhanced automation to support such implementation projects. These include process mining, data solutions and automation & testing, among others.

Discover more about Powered Technology, our collaborative approach with alliance partners, our use of technological solutions, and the implementation of our technology services.

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